10 Copies Of A Dog Called Homeless To Win!

This month K9 Magazine have teamed up with HarperCollins Children’s Books to offer 10 lucky readers the chance to win a copy of the amazing book, ‘A Dog Called Homeless’ written by Sarah Lean.

Cally Fisher saw her mum bright and real and alive. But no one believes her, especially her father. Cally’s mum is dead and nothing will bring her back. If she can’t talk about her mum then Cally decides to stop talking altogether…

A mysterious wolfhound always seems to be there when her mum appears and now he’s started following her everywhere. He seems to have no owner, so Cally names him Homeless. But how can Cally convince anyone that Mum is still with them, or persuade Dad that the huge silver-grey dog is their last link with her? Without her voice Cally must find a way to send a message stronger than words.

An outstandingly assured debut novel from a sparkling new talent – brought to you from the publishers of Michael Morpurgo, it’s perfect for anyone who has known a special dog in their life.

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