10 Copies of ‘How to Be a Dog’ to Giveaway!

To celebrate the release of ‘How to Be a Dog’ K9 Magazine is delighted to offer 10 lucky readers the chance to win their very own copy.

Written by a dog, and with helpful additions by other dogs, How to Be a Dog is essential reading not just for all canines but also for their owners and dog lovers alike, providing an insight into their pet’s sometimes curious behaviour.

How to Be a Dog book cover

As you’d expect from a book written by a dog about humans, it’s irreverent, cynical and disrespectful. Dogs provide helpful observations and advice on specific issues: for example, how to retain any semblance of self-esteem while wearing the ‘Cone of Shame’ anti-scratch collar or how to really frustrate your owner when playing ‘fetch’.

How to Be a Dog is the official rulebook of the doggie world – a hilarious guide for living with – or putting up with – humans, and always getting the upper hand (or paw).

How to Be a Dog: Maxwell Woofington’s Guide to Living with Humans and Getting the Upper Paw is published on 24th September, MOM Books, £9.99.

To enter, all you have to do is comment on this post here leaving your email address hidden behind your username.

Good luck!

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Ginny Feldman

;)). Woof

Margie Wiener

I am fortunate to have watched the REAL Maxwell (upon whom this book is based) grow up over the years through postings on Facebook! With no previous ties except that I love dogs! I’ve fallen in love with him from the U.S.! if this is even a tiny percentage as funny as the real Maxwell is, I WANT TO READ THIS BOOK! He is captivating, sweet, huggable — everything and more you’d want in YOUR dog!

Manda Smith

Cool book, have always fancied getting into the dogs mind. 😀


I like the title


I would love to win a copy as quite often I watch my dogs and would love to know what they are thinking and how they ‘tick’. I would love it if they could speak and tell me what they are thinking so maybe this book can help me with that?!

Heidi Raabe

I’d be very interested in what a dog had to say about ‘the cone of shame’, especially as my poor 8month old has had to wear one for four weeks!
I often look at her and wonder what she must be thinking!