10 Copies Of The Puppy Bible To Win!

With over 31% of UK households now being dog owners and over 8 million pet dogs in the UK, raising your puppy with the proper care and attention is essential. Assisting and monitoring development from as early as birth also allows for unwanted behaviour to be spotted and discouraged. This month K9 Magazine has a 10 copies of Claire Arrowsmith & Alison Smith’s Puppy Bible to win – a must-read book sharing a wealth of expert advice, ensuring a happy household for both pet and owner.

Puppy Bible cover

There is more to good puppy care than just enforcing good behaviour. Your puppy needs the perfect training, diet, socialisation and health care to grow up healthy and well adjusted. Puppy Bible gives you the ultimate guide crucial to helping your pet through its formative period. Simple and easy to use, it tells you what to expect, what to do and the perfect time to do it.

Puppy Bible offers a unique and comprehensive week-by-week structure to raising the perfect family pet. Clearly illustrated and referenced to expert advice, this is the best guidance to raising a happy, healthy dog.

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