10 Copies Of The Victory Dog To Win!

To celebrate publication of The Victory Dogs by Megan Rix, Puffin is giving 10 lucky K9 Magazine readers the chance to win a copy! As bombs fell on London during WWII, hundreds of search and rescue dogs scoured the rubble of ruined buildings finding survivors. Megan Rix tells the story of these heroic animals through Bark and Howl, two lovable and brave puppies helping Londoners survive the Blitz. It’s the start of the Second World War. Bark and Howl are lost in the dark maze of tunnels under London, but with help from Sheba, an elderly one-eared cat, they learn how to survive.

The Victory Dogs

As the bombs fall over the city, hundreds of people seeking shelter in the London Underground become trapped. Bark and Howl know the tunnels well and they’re the only ones who can lead hundreds of trapped people out of danger. Will Bark and Howl find each other and be victorious in leading Londoners to safety? The Victory Dogs is a classic adventure tale, perfect for fans of Michael Morpurgo and Dick King-Smith!

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