10 Sets of Goodies from JP Pet To Win!

JP Pet has teamed up with K9 Magazine to offer ten lucky readers the chance to win a set of goodies for your pet!

NEW Awapoochi Shampoo – We’ve combined Awapuhi with aloe vera gel, sweet almond oil, hydrolized oats and chamomile to create an ultra-rich pet shampoo. Combined with its ability to deep clean and deodorise your pet’s skin and coat, our Awapoochi® Moisturizing Shampoo delivers a super-dose of moisturization – leaving dry and dull coats replenished, more manageable, shiny and conditioned. Awapoochi® is the only shampoo available with Shine Memoryâ„¢, enabling you to bring back the shine for several days after the initial shampooing by simply brushing, it’s also Paraben and EDTA-free, making it altogether gentler for your pets.

Waterless Foam Shampoo for Dogs and Cats – A rich waterless, leave-on foam shampoo with an exclusive blend of botanicals. This shampoo is great to use during colder weather or for pets who don’t enjoy a bath.

Instant Detangling Spray, No rinse grooming aid is specially formulated to penetrate into fur and help release and detangle unruly snarls. Excellent for use between grooming visits.

Oatmeal Shampoo – Specially formulated to help relieve skin irritations, while helping to moisturise dry, itchy skin.

Oatmeal Conditioning Rinse – Detangling Formula, This rich conditioner helps restore a silky feel to the coat, while improving both wet and dry combing.

Full Body and Paw Bath Wipes – These pre-moistened wipes are specially formulated to help cleanse and groom your pet, either after a walk or for a quick clean up.

Pet Ear and Eye Wipes – These pre-moistened wipes are specially formulated to help remove tear stains and matter that accumulates around the ears and eyes.

Pet Tooth and Gum Wipes – These pre-moistened wipes are specially formulated to help promote dental hygiene in your pet.

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