25 Bottles of Yumega To Win

From Lintbells

Yumega is a natural food supplement proven to improve your dog’s coat and skin. Made from golden flax, starflower and natural vitamin E, Yumega is rich in key omega 3 and 6 oils to replenish your dog’s coat and skin, keeping them in optimum health and condition.

Unfortunately, despite the wide variety of dog food that is available, many dogs have diets low in the essential oils, Omega 3 and 6, which are responsible for producing a healthy skin and coat. And if the dog is low in these oils, it can result in dry, flakey or itchy skin, dull coat condition and excessive moulting. 

In extensive trials across the UK with dog owners and vets, Yumega has been proven to improve coat and skin condition simply by adding Yumega to the dog’s main meal. 8 out of 10 owners said they saw an improvement in as little as 3 weeks.

Visit www.yumega.co.uk or call on 0845 603 4409 for more information.

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My Bull Terrier Ami has very seneitive skin so would benefit from this product.


My Bull Terrier Ami has a skin problem so could use this product.


This product would be fantastic to have for my poochie because he has itchy, sensitive skin, and the special food we get for him does not seem to help much.


My dog Tanner has very dry skin and his coat is dull and rough. I think this product would benifit him greatly.


As a Raw feeder who also feeds supplements, I am always on the look out for a decent formula to supplement with.


Our Labrador X, Bob, is a rescue doggy who at 18 months old has already had quite a hard life. There is nothing significantly wrong as far as we can see with his coat or skin, but feel that he might benefit greatly from using this product by keeping him in superior condition.


I have heard that Starflower is really good to give a thick lushious coat and my 18mth old Papillons coat doesnt seem to be growing as well as it should be , he is moulting really badly and its still coming out even after summer has ended and i have changed his diet and its still a bit dry and sparse.
I have been recommended this product and would love to try him on some.
His coat needs to improve before March as he has qualified for Crufts !!!!


All my babies would benefit from this supplement how fantastic it has so many good things in one dose so much easier for owners (like me) whos dogs will find the tiniest of tablets in the huge bowl of food,


I would love to try it on my Belgian Sheepdog.


My dog has just had an operation for a dislocated knee and i think this suppliment would really be good for her, shes really picky with tablets so i think this would go great in her food.


my poor gsd mix has seasonal bad skin this item would give him some relief


my 14 year old gsd mix would benefit from this item he has bad skin allerges


I have heard and read about this product and would like to try it on our Dogs Trust rescue, who had a hip op.


Our bull terrier bitch has quite a thin coat at the moment due to a recent large litter of puppies. She’s literally fed them ‘off her back’ as she’s got little bald patches on her neck and shoulders1 Maybe a wig would be a better option 🙂


I spend a lot trying new supplements and remedies so would love to get to try something for free. We have 4 dogs and are planning on taking in more.


Our new rescue’s coat was so bad we’ve shaved it all off to start again – would love to try this out to see if can make a difference as it grows back 🙂


I have a 3 year old american bulldog who has beeen diagnosed with demodex and skin allergies at the age of one year old.She lost all her hair a nd comes up in massive hives with steroid treatment and antihistamines she is under control.But unfortunatly being on steroid treatments all the time has started to damage her body and my vet had said to try and find a natural remedy i think this product would work on her.


My elderly poodle is starting to get scurf on his coat, and both he & my GSX are arthritic, so would really benefit from this product.


my 7 month old husky has dry skin on his leg which he is a lawys itching and has sensitive skin.


Yes please

Valerie Perkins

Looking forward to improving coat condition.

Linda Lyttle

Rufus has skin issues that we haven’t found anything to help. He would love to try this to see if it helps.

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Hello, i would like to try it on my dog (French Bulldog) with a very sensitive skin and to see the benefits of this supplement.

French Bulldog
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