4 Hampers from ‘Nutriment’ to Giveaway!

This month K9 Magazine are delighted to offer four lucky readers the chance to win a hamper packed full of delicious and nutritious goodies from Nutriment!

Nutriment is a leading light in biologically appropriate (raw) pet food.  Recognizing that there’s life beyond bland, over-processed kibble, Camberley’s favourite pet food provider stands tall as an antidote to dull, nutritionally suspect mealtimes.

Nutriment hamper giveaway

Devoid of any inappropriate grain fillers and artificial nasties, Nutriment provides a delicious array of meticulously assembled recipes made from top-notch, human grade meat, veg and metabolism-friendly superfoods (kelp, flax, spirulina, coconut & salmon oils).

Nutriment comes in 3 devilishly divine formats:

a)  Just range: our DIY/ building block range is geared at any hands-on dog breeders or pet owners looking for a top quality base product that they can then add their final culinary flourishes to.

b) Nutriment (core): our flagship, ‘complete recipe’ range aimed at discerning medium-sized or large dogs.

C) Dinner for Dogs (new): our sumptuous, single portion portfolio that recognizes the growing nationwide trend for less active but equally discerning smaller dogs who refuse to compromise on great taste in their quest for less protein-rich recipes.

Find out more about Nutriment online at www.nutriment.co

So delay no longer! Enter our competition to win one of 4, brimming with goodness Nutriment hampers. All you have to do is comment on this post here leaving your email address hidden behind your username.

Good luck!

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Victoria West

Let me be lucky!

Kim Clark

My Freddie Bear is a beautiful boy, his face when I say first thing in the morning “want a wee wee”, he grins, does a funny dance & hurtles off to the back door.
The lick I get when I say “give mummy a kiss”.
The cuddle I get when I say “give mummy a cuddle”.
He’s my boy, my baby & he deserves a nice treat.

Louise riddiough

We love Nutriment, it’s the best raw dog food around

Louise riddiough

My CKCS would love to win & lose some weight from her usual kibble diet

Donna Stephenson

Absolutely love this prise

Donna Stephenson

I would love this for my little lady.


Nice prize my girl would love this.

monique fletcher

fab competition would love to win this x

Lily Appleton

This Is an amazing hamper to win

Emma Barnes

I’d love to win.

Toni Warren

As the recipient of one of these Nutriment dog hampers it would mean a lot to me in that I cannot afford many of the items that are being given away as a senior citizen with two inherited weims. They are Niko, 14 yrs old, and Diamond, 10 yrs old. Niko came by way of my daughter. We drove to Lex., KY from Wash., DC almost 14 yrs ago to pick him up from a breeder and was introduced to our family as the newest Warren! At about 2 yrs old my daughter decided that she no longer wanted Niko and decided to give him to me. A couple of yrs later my brother got a mate for Niko in hopes of breeding them. She is Diamond. After almost 2 yrs he realized that he did not want the responsibility and was planning on selling her and I intervened that I would take Diamond because I had become attached to her! You will not sell her!
Ultimately with the two of them I decided since I had them both that I would continue with the initial plan of mating them. Never having done such a thing I learned a lot and wasn’t prepared for the surprises. Due to my being employed at the time and being away from home during the day Diamond was taken back to KY to stay with a sister that wanted a puppy and would be there to take care of Diamond and the puppies. The family became quite involved as one of my neices whom was only 4 yrs old at the time served as mediator for the puppies birth. She would answer the phone giving play by play of how many puppies Diamond had had and describing what was happening at the time as far as the birthing. Planning to prepare myself for bed at 9 p.m. one night I heard in the living room what sounded like Niko regirdgitating discovering that he had chewed many of my plants up it seemed strange because he had never done that before. After cleaning up behind him I called KY to share about Niko and found out that Diamond had just had her first puppy. Ultimately I was up most of the night noting that Niko’s demeanor, nervously pacing during most of the night and eating the plants appeared to be connected to Diamond having those puppies. It appeared that he was feeling her having those puppies all the way from KY. Ironically I was up most of the night taking Niko to the bathroom. As it turned out Diamond had her last puppy about 6 a.m. Due to this seemingly miracle and little sleep I took the day off sleep deprived. Also I learned that Diamond had had a dozen puppies so that because she did not have enough breasts to feed them other family members gathered at my sisters to bottle feed some of the puppies. Out of the 12 only nine survived. They were given their shots and tails docked. Subsequently I went to see them upon their eyes opening. They had stripes like tigers at the time. Three of the puppies were given away to family members, Three were sold and three were given away to perceived good owners. Upon Diamond’s return home there was one puppy left that was basically given away. His name was Seven and someone in the family had painted his nails white distinguishing him as the puppy that they wanted! Niko and Diamond were spayed and knewtered after that. I have a special bond with both of these dogs. As a pup Niko and I bonded on our way home from the breeders cuddling in the backseat. and I would walk him when visitng my daughter. I lived in Alexandria, VA. For Diamond it seemed that because I was their when she and Niko mated she seemingly attached herself to me. At one point my daughter had given Niko away to a prosperous psychology friend of hers but due to his missing me because he had run away twice and also damaged a wall that she paid for he was returned to me as I had cried for 3 consecutive nights missing him. We were feeling each other or so it seemed. These occurances led up to her returning him to me. All three of us have been quite happy together ever since. Niko will be 14 yr old in 4 days. These gifts would make an awesome birthday gift for the old boy!

Sandradee bailey

I would love to win this for my beautiful trio of german sheperds Pick me please and ty for the great giveaway


This sounds like a more natural, healthy and interesting diet for dogs than biscuits or especially tinned food.

Sarah clarke

I would love to win this as my three rescue babies would love to be spoilt with this hamper!

Janine Unsworth

I have a 5 month old cocker spaniel who would love this prize, here’s hoping.


Please I really want to win for my doggie

tina saunders

I’m always looking for healthy, delicious food for my little boy!

Danielle middleton

I would love to win this for my Daisy (jack Russell). My Daisy is a happy little girl and always puts a smile on my face and I think she should win this as she deserves the best. She’s the best an be a bit hard faced at times but that what makes her personilty and I wouldn’t change it. Please let Daisy win.


I lovey to give my dogs the best of everything and this look really god things

Leanne holland

My dog needs one.

amy fidler



I just got puppy today if called it Tyson it so very cute fun loving dog I think that my dog should win this treat


This would be a lovely teat for my dogs like an early Christmas present 🙂 xx




Love one for my dog 🐶

kerry hanratty

this is very good, and helpful. Thanks


Yes please

colleen tautari

I would like simba to try new stuff. That im sure he will love. I do love him to have the best and you have them.


This is Awesome.


i have a beautiful bog beano who would just love this