5 Copies of ‘Happy As Harry’ to Giveaway!

This month to celebrate just how special dogs are and the connection we have with them, we have five copies of ‘Happy As Harry’ to giveaway!

Dogs are the happiest creatures in the world, aren’t they? They possess qualities that include their ability to live in the moment, their incredibly loving and playful natures and their innate forgiveness and joie de vivre.

So a dog is the perfect narrator for a book about how to be happy. If dogs could share their secrets on happiness, this book is what they would say.

The book is divided into six life-coaching sections:

How to be Happy
Love Well and be Well Loved
Happy Families
A Balanced Life
How to be Good
Saying Goodbyes

Harry, along with a group of his closest friends, shows us how dogs approach life in all of these areas, and shares his simple and practical top tips for how we, as humans, can learn from dogs in order to live better, happier lives (‘After every bath dry your whole body with a hairdryer’). We may have to dodge some curveballs at times, but there are plenty of challenges that can be overcome and doubts that can be banished by looking at the world through Harry’s eyes.

Find out more about this book on Waterstone’s website.

So what are you waiting for? To enter this giveaway all you have to do is comment on this post here leaving your email address hidden behind your username.

Good luck!

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Ali Farringdon

I would love to read all about Harry, to see life through his eyes, I’ve always wondered what dogs are thinking about.

Mr Nicholas Craig Bootle

I’m interested in the book

Sylvia Fadries

This sounds like the perfect book for me as I am a long term sufferer from depression and love dogs. They are the idea candidate to teach me how to bee happy. Something that sadly, I’ve not been able to learn from people. This book could literally change my life!