5 Positive Petcare Starter Packs To Giveaway!

Positive Petcare is a range of groundbreaking and innovative pet-care grooming products for your four legged friends and this month we’re excited to offer 5 readers the chance to win a Starter Pack!

Using an advanced water-based technology that eliminates unpleasant animal odours, Positive Petcare provides unbeatable protection for your pets. Crucially, Positive Petcare products do not just cover the pet smell.

They breakdown the bacteria and eliminate unpleasant odours with their fragranced products. Among the scents available are cotton fresh linen, fleur de fur, bubblicious, luscious lavender and berrylicious; a smell to suit all tastes.

Positive Petcare range

Products range from pet owner hand sanitizer and shampoo fur protector to litter tray deodoriser.

Positive Petcare’s water-based and fragranced products sets them apart from competitors, leaving pet owners and the pet-care industry going crazy for this fabulous pet-care range! The core technology behind Positive Petcare’s, Goldshield is the world’s first next generation water-based non-toxic anti-microbial solution. It kills harmful bacteria and gives a long lasting protection on fur, skin, surfaces and textiles, therefore keeping your pet and its surroundings clean and bacteria free.

Positive Petcare has proven such a big hit in 2013 that their products are being described as the PET REVOLUTION!

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This would be a great addition to our new pups accessories!!

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