5 Sets Of The Dotty Dalmatian & The Poodle Problem To Giveaway!

The Pooch Parlour series by Anna Wilson features pet loving heroine Pippa Peppercorn and her trusty partner Dash the talking dachshund, who has a nose for sniffing out a good mystery.To celebrate the release of the new book The Dotty Dalmatian, K9 Magazine has teamed up with Macmillan Children’s Books to giveaway 5 copies of the first two books in the Pooch Parlour series The Poodle Problem and The Dotty Dalmatian.

In the first book, The Poodle Problem, a sinister beautician Trinity Meddler comes to town with an evil plan, involving oodles of poodles. In the next book The Dotty Dalmatian a string of unsolved burglaries and a mysterious spotty dog are causing havoc around town … will Pippa and Dash be able to work out what is going on and save the day?

These amusing and entertaining mystery stories are a fun and enjoyable read, whatever your age, with lots of animals and an exciting and a hilarious fast-moving plot. Look out for the next book The Smug Pug (coming February 2013).

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