6 Packs of Chuckit’s Fetch Medley To Give Away

Fetch Medleycontaining a Whistler Ball, Max Glow Ball and Rebounce Ball (all 2.5 inch in diameter).

The Whistler, which is a soft but strong blue rubber ball with a unique internal design that creates a whistling noise in the air.

Max Glow Ball which is made of luminescent rubber that glows in the dark and re-charges under bright light.

Rebounce Ball, is manufactured with the use of recycled natural rubber to produce an environmentally friendly product.

Fetch Medley, along with the whole Chuckit range from Canine Hardware, is distributed in the UK by Mines for Pets.

For further details please visit www.minesforpets.co.uk or telephone 01243 265378.

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Sonya candelin

Oreo would love this