6 TrackR bravo Trackers to Win!

This month K9 Magazine is offering six lucky winners the chance to win a brand new TrackR bravo tracker device, a tiny gadget that attaches to your pet’s collar.

Using Bluetooth-low energy that connects to a smartphone app, if your pet moves out of Bluetooth range, the TrackR will use the power of its Crowd GPS Network – the world’s largest – to find it and alert you with co-ordinates of when/where he or she was last seen.

Find out more and watch a video of the tracker in action here.

So delay no longer! Enter our giveaway to win one of 6 TrackR bravo devices. All you have to do is comment on this post here leaving your email address hidden behind your username.

Good luck!

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Emma goodall

This sounds like the perfect gadget for me and my pup. I live beside a large wood and he is forever running into it and getting a little lost. This could save his panicking and my nerves!!!

Tim Oliver

I would hate anything to happen to my precious Holly. I’d love to keep her safe. Modern gadgets are a must in this day and age.


Wod be useful if my dog runs away when he sees a squirrel .


I adopted my dog 8 yrs ago from a shelter. He’s a wonderful dog who loves people and his squeaky toys. Here’s the problem – he has a tendency to dash out when the door is open. I’ve been lucky to get him back. (He just loves the wild rabbits outside.) Everyone has been careful not leaving the door open, but I’m worried for his safety in case it happens again. Please help me keep my dog safe!

Colleen Green

These are a really good idea .

Meg Dunne

Would love to win one! My dog doesn’t always take notice at the moment so it would give us better peace of mind if she had a tracker!

Roger Burgess

We love our little dogs & would feel much better knowin that we could locate them if they were to come up missing. Thank you Roger Burgess

Linda Johnson

This would help me find my dogs when they run off chasing rabbits they can’t catch

jennifer reed

id love to win because im a parapelegic and if my baby gets out this would make the world of diffrence

Angela Clay

Such a great idea, small, neat and discreet. Should be on the list of essentials for every dog owner.

Teresa L Reeder

The Paws Up dog club would live to put this in a dog basket for dog lovers.


Would love this

Trisha Gemme Atienza

It would be nice to let our dog run anywhere without worrying he’ll get lost.

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