7 Bottles of Joint Health To Giveaway

From Petremedies.co.uk

Petremedies have teamed up with K9 Magazine to offer seven lucky readers the chance to win a 250ml bottle of Joint Health.

Joint Health allows the animal’s body to naturally maintain supple, flexible, healthy joints and unrestricted movement. 

Contains Burdock root, Celery seed, Dandelion, Devils Claw root, Hawthorne, Meadowsweet, nettles, Seaweed, Willow Bark.

Available in 125ml, 250ml and 500ml (a 500ml will last a medium size: Dog 100 days, Cat 250 days and a Horse 25 days)

Visit www.petremedies.co.uk for more information or call 08708 508862

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this would benifit my dog greatly has he has problems with his back legs and is only 3 just now he is only small(cavalier king charles spaniel)


After 12 years of running and bouncing joint care would help reduce my girls creaky limbs.


My new dog Bob, is a rescue dog who has had a very few uncertain 18 months before coming to his new home. I therefore think that he would benefit both now and in the future by using this product, with its carefully thought out and quality ingredients, obviously made to aid in giving a dog a long and trouble free life.


One of my older border collies is very stiff now, she has a real struggle to get up at times she is only 8yrs old, her walks are very limited and she cannot enjoy her only real pleasure on her walk to chase a ball. Would be fantastic if there was something to make her more mobile


My neighbour’s Lab is very arthritic this stuff sounds great. I would really like Billy to try it.


I have a 11 year old Belgian Sheepdog, and he really needs a joint supplement. I tried one brand but I am not convinced that it’s helping at all. Would like to try something natural instead of all the chemical things available in the market.


my 14 year old gsd mix would benefit from a joint supplement


We take in old rescue dogs so spend a fortune trying new things out, would love some of this for Tara in particular.


My little girl Pepper has Luxating Pattelas and suffers worst in the winter, I have tried various suppliments, sadly without success but a bottle of this may be the one.