Fantastic Pet Pampering Hampers – 12 Available

John Paul Pet Oatmeal ShampooFrom John Paul Pet

John Paul Pet are pleased to offer K9 Magazine readers the chance to win one of twelve hampers including; Super Bright Shampoo, Waterless Foam Shampoo, Oatmeal Conditioning Rinse, Full Body and Paw Wipes, Ear and Eye Wipes and Poop Bags.

John Paul Pet began in 2005 with an idea to offer high-end, salon quality, grooming products for pets. John Paul Mitchell Systems’ expertise in hair care mixed with longstanding interests in animal charity work, lead to the development of the range. 
Huge amounts of research has been conducted to ensure every ingredient and the products themselves are suitable for the pet’s coat and skin. It is important to understand and utilise the difference between animal and human hair, so as to provide a product that is the best it can be.

John Paul Pet strives to make an example for other companies to follow. “Corporations can and should change the world for the better. We have the perspective needed to leave the world a better place for our having been here.” With this in mind, John Paul Pet has chosen Battersea Dogs and Cats home as its charity for 2007.  We now provide a little luxury to pets visiting the home – a lot of who deserve a much needed pampering.

Super Bright Shampoo

This formula has been developed to help lighten and brighten coats, while helping to control matting, tangling and flyaway hair. Fortified with oats, chamomile and sweet almond oil, it cleanses thoroughly and rinses easily to help leave a sparkling clean and shiny coat.

Waterless Foam Shampoo for Dogs and Cats

A rich waterless, leave-on foam shampoo with an exclusive blend of botanicals. Helps to clean and refresh your pet’s coat, without using water, and helps to soothe skin without rinsing. This shampoo is great to use during colder weather or for pets who don’t enjoy a bath. It is also important to ask your veterinarian “how long after applying frontline can i bathe my dog?” just in case you are planning on using that product on your dog.

Oatmeal Conditioning Rinse

This rich conditioner helps restore a silky feel to the coat, while improving both wet and dry combing. Oatmeal Conditioning Rinse takes out most difficult mats and tangles, whilst helping to improve overall manageability.

Full Body and Paw Bath Wipes

These pre-moistened wipes are specially formulated to help cleanse and groom your pet, either after a walk or for a quick clean up.

Pet Ear and Eye Wipes

These pre-moistened wipes are specially formulated to help remove tear stains and matter that accumulates around the ears and eyes. 

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Julie Hasler

My two dogs would love to be pampered using these products


It would be good to treat and pamper my dog, in return for all the love she gives me.


My Akita hates getting wet and I end up soaked instead so I like the idea of water free washing!This sound just the thing we need.


I would love to win these products, as my doggy has very sensitive skin. Plus he’s a rascal and gets into everything, so those eye and ear wipes would be great!


my dog has longish hair so needs a good few baths but he would love this one as its kind to his skin and coat


Why do I need this hamper? Three words: small, white dog.


I love Paul Mitchell products and it would be great for Bowser to be spoilt by being pampered with these products. My friend has recommended the shampoo and I would love to try it on my pet!


Like all ladies my 12 year old girl Toffee wouldlove to be pampered!


My dog Tanner has been through three different homes, he is with me to stay as i love him dearly. I would love to pamper him with goodies to prove it.


My dog Maya is a bit of a Tom Boy. Maybe being pampered with these products will go some way to making her a proper little lady. 🙂


Our new dog, Bob is a rescued Labrador X, who is just finding his feet in his new home. The products on offer would be very useful indeed to the owner of a recently rehomed dog, of no doubt greatly beneficial to the doggy himself. I am sure they would give him that extra bit of smartness and comfort, which will help him build up his confidence and credibility with other dogs.


I use it on my own hair and its fabulous ……. I have a young (18mths) Papillon dog who’s coat is quite sparse and a little dry from his current shampoo.
As this is so good on my hair I would love to try the dog products on him ………………….
He has till March 2008 to improve his coat as he has Qualified for Crufts !!! ………… who knows this may even make him win !!!!!!!


My male dogs hate to have a bath, this would be a fantastic product for them or for the girls who would find a bath just a bit chilling at this time of year.


I am the owner of a muddy, smelly labrador. I love her to bits, but just sometimes it would be nice to have her clean and fragrant!


I volunteer at the Cardiff Dogs Home and i think it would be a nice idea to get some free goodies for the poor dogs there. This dog cleaning set will provide some dogs with a well needed and well nourished clean.


My little Podengo would love to try this product:)


i have two bichon frise who can get quite grubby at times especially when its wet outside.. i cant take them to the groomers everyweek as that would be too expensive.. but having this would really help.. then i can bathe them in between knowing i am using a good product.


I have a Golden Retriever who gets very itchy and I think the oats & chamomile would be great to help him.

I would use the waterless foam shampoo on my friends “Old Boy” at 17 he gets a bit smelly & we can’t get him into the bath due to his age ! He is still lovely !


My dogs love going to the groomer this would give me the ability to give them a grooming at home without the need to take them to a pro.


My Dog jack just loves digging and im forever bathing him so I think this would help me to keep his coat nice and keep him smelling nice


Why, because my wonderfull dog rolls for england, and its not pretty

cheryl depree

I love to try out different shampoos on my hairy monsters.


My malamute loves to get muddy and swim, and cleaning him off afterwards can be a pain! Anything that can help would be most appreciated!


Ace is 2 year old short coat German Shepherd who loves to swim and sit/lye in muddy puddles, so needs a lot of bathing, to stop that doggy smell. I get concerned about washing him to often tho as it stripsthe natural oils from his coat




We have 3 wonderful rescue dogs, all with their little skin problems, one is 15 years old. To use such good products would be wonderful.


this sounds like a great idea with how sensitve my puppys skin is


I love this brand as they don’t test on animals,I use the human version but havent tried the doggy one yet, would love to have some for my 4.

little jo

it would be very good if i could get these product because my dog is a very dirty one


Hi I currently run a dog grooming palour from my home Called Pretty Poochie, I am very interested in your products my customers often buy products from myself in order to maintain the dogs condition throughout the month, ear wipes are the most popular i did not realise how many people have never cleaned their dogs ears! I have used Foam Shampoo in the past on a dog who gets very agressive towards water, thank god they invented the stuff it really is a blessing for me! Would be intersted inprices aswell if possible


Hi posted as Demand Level 1 earlier and now i realise 3 is highly want it, whilst 1 is not very interested!

Ooops I am very interested Demand Level 3

Kay Wells

My dogs are always running about the fields and get really dirty so your shampoo would help to keep their coats shiney.


im sure my puppy will be very excited about these products as she loves bath time.