Free Dog Bed from Kennel Mate

This issue, KennelMate have teamed up with K9 Magazine to celebrate their 10th anniversary by giving one lucky reader the chance to win a KennelMate bed for their beloved canine companion. KennelMate beds are comfortable and durable coming with a removable, machine washable cover made of smart, tough material, encasing a ‘nest’ shaped thermal cushion.


The unique robust cover ensures they the beds are water resistant, odour and mite resistant. KennelMate beds are available in 6 colours (Buckingham Green, Forest Green, Trafalgar Blue, Baltic Blue, Poppy Red, Chestnut and Chocolate) and are available in 5 sizes (small, medium, large, x-large and jumbo).

W.B.H KennelMate specialise in selling high quality products at affordable prices with details of their ranges in full available online at where you can browse and order securely online. When entering, please remember to tell us the breed of dog you own and your colour preference for your KennelMate bed!

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my dog & cat like to share a bed & it would be lovely to win this


as you can imagine with 4 dogs i get through beds quite quickly! these seem robust and will probably last some time, with living on an island my ‘gang’ are always going to the beach swimming so would love to own a water resistant bed, and would love to curl up together on int!!


i have 3 dogs and 1 cat winning one of these fantastic beds would mean they all get a good nights sleep (and so do i)


with 2 Boxers who are joined at the hip one of these would be perfect for them, maybe then i’d get my bed back


My dalmatian would just love this and maybe it woud mean I could sit on the seetee again and not the floor!


We really need this, as we travel a lot, and my Lab needs a good night’s sleep. Hotel rooms don’t cater with dog beds, so she has only her fleece at the moment.

Julie Hasler

My two dogs would adore this soft and snuggly bed!!


Getting my first puppy in 5wks & would like to make home as comfortable as possible for him !!


Mum’s getting a puppy in 3/4 weeks time and what with my 3 dogs they are going to need a large crash pad!


Our new English Springer Spaniel puppy would love her own bed in her new home and one of these KennelMate beds would be fantastic.


plaese consider us as my boxer chloe takes up all the room on the bed and leaves no room for my little jack rus mr tiny, he could do with a lush new bed


We have two terriers that are always in the mud so I constantly have to wash their bed! Another bed to exchange it with would be wonderful so that I dont have to worry about the other one being dry in time for bedtime


I have a 6 1/2 month Rescued JRT X puppy who is an absolute hooligan and has so far wrecked x 2 beds and 2 cushions. So a new larger bed that he and his companion could share would be absolutely fabulous


This water resistant bed would be ideal for my two springers. We do mostly camping and although we have a ground sheet we do find the beds become dewy overnight so something we can shake and hang out during the day would be ideal. Even better we can throw it in the wash when we get back ! If I’m successful blue or green would be nice as it would match the tent but just to own one would be great in any colour ! Am going to look at the website now !


This bed would be such a blessing! I just turned 18 and moved out of my parents house with my boyfriend. My boyfriend and I share a very tiny bed. I just rescued a Bull Mastive and Rottweiler puppy from a very bad situation. He has proven to be a very big handfull. I am a fulltime highschool senior and I had to take on a second part time job to pay for the puppy and all his needs. I would be nice to have a bed that will be able to fit him comfortably in a couple of months. I know that he is small now but he will be huge in a couple of months.


My dog is a Rhodesian Ridgeback, she doesnt like her pet bed which has polyestyrene beads, she prefares to lie on our bed or on our settee, which would be ok if she weren’t such a big doggy, I end up right at the edge of our bed or scrunched up at the end of the settee whilst she spreads out! I am sure she would really like a Poppy Red kennelmate dog bed, then perhaps she might actually sleep on her own bed!!


Simba is a Rhodesian Ridgeback who does not like her present bed which has polystyrene beads. So she lies on our bed in between her Mummy and Daddy. She also sits on the settee in between Mummy and Daddy. This would be ok if Simba where a smaller doggy but she is rather large! I would love for her to win this luxury bed and then maybe I could have some space for myself!


I would love to win this, as my dog is quite large and we have trouble finding a bed for her, as we don’t knowhow big she’ll grow to be.


This bed would be fab for my staffie who spends most of her time going to work with my husband, she could have a bed in the van


always been tempted to try one of these for my dogs – would be even better if I won one! I love the way they could all crash out after a long walk and snuggle up together.


My dogs have just one bed between them that even the puppy has out grown now, I would love them to have a kennekmate bed I have seenthe quality of these beds first hand and would defiantley be my bed of choice for my dogs


Ace is a Geman Shepheard who would love a New Blue bed


I have been buying Kennelmate dog beds for all my friends and family for years. Ruger would love to have a new one, he now only has some tatty blankets which aren’t as comfortable.

Chocolate/Chesnut Medium Bed PLEASE


my puppies are desperate for a new larger bed!! they are growing so fast so a large bed would be brillaint for them!!!!

dadys boy

hi there our dog lies any where in the house he best spot is on the sofa or the bed when we are out of the house. I think that this would be great for goldie as its very comfy and clean and we can have it any where in the house and he would really enjoy it i beleive that all pets should have a comly warm bed to sleep on a dog is for life not just for xmas


i have to fight for my duvet cover as sadie takes it away to sleep on iwould be verry happy to get her a ben that she can have to her self and let me sleep.