Win a Bundle of Goodies from Paw Naturel!

This month we’ve teamed up with Paw Naturel to offer one lucky reader the chance to win a bundle of goodies including a bottle of their Original Fragrance Free Shampoo, a bottle of their new Natural Dog Ear Cleaner and a bottle of their Natural Dry Dog Shampoo.

These new products have been a long time in the making, and these two special recipes have finally been perfected, and are ready to join Paw Naturel’s collection of luxury natural dog grooming products!

The Natural Ear Cleaner is 100% natural and is packed with botanical extracts to reduce itching and soften the ear wax. The Natural Dry Dog Shampoo, in their signature Sugar Candy scent, is made with Aloe Vera and is great for use in between grooms, after those muddy walks or for pups that don’t like baths, and it’s great for detangling any pesky knots.

All of Paw Naturel’s products are natural and free from harsh nasties such as sulphates, alcohol and parabens, as well as being cruelty free, puppy friendly, tear free and vegan friendly.

So what are you waiting for?

Enter our competition to win our Paw Naturel bundle. All you have to do is comment on this post here leaving your email address hidden behind your username.

Good luck!

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Ian Carpenter

I am fussy about, not just what goes inside my dogs, but also what goes on the outside. Its important that what I use on them is natural and produced in a cruelty free process.

I enjoy using home made products but would love to try the Paw Naturel bundle as it sounds the pawfect (apologies!) product for my dogs.

Valerie Perkins

Great natural products


One of my dogs, she is a right tomboy. Likes to roll around in grass, whether its dirty or clean. This would help a lot to keep her smelling clean and fresh.

Adelle McArthur

Would love to try the ear cleaner for my girl who suffers alot with her ears.

Charlotte Taylor

Fab prize

Claire Mills

I love using natural products on my 7 month old golden retriever. And would love to try this shampoo

Carl's mom

This sounds great because my terrier mix Carl smells like butt and turkey. Also he’s vegan. Please donate to the my dog stinks fund.

Charlotte powell

These are grate dog 🐕 products natural and stop dogs itching ect I love to be sent there products to use on my dog iv been searching the market for a while now for natural products yo use on my dog.plz send me some xx

David C Jones

My dog is more than a dog or pet, she is a Service Dog and she has literally saved my life twice. We have been together almost 4 years now. Up until now I had no problems keeping her fed, buy toys and snacks,keeping her groomed and keeping her health at her best, but as of late I have fallen onto difficult times. SD Olivia has and is always here for me, she deserves spme pampering.

David C Jones
US Navy Submarine Veteran

Tri-Color Rough Collie
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Heather Everett

My and my puppies would love this bundle…. The boys are not at happy about bath time… They love to run and hide… I would too sometimes… With this bundle I believe me and the pups will enjoy bath time a little more with each other… No more wet pup smell just all naturel smell

Kirsty 😘

Would love this to make my boy smell nice x

Pet's Age

our beautiful cocker spaniel needs good cleaning agents, especially for her ears and beautiful coat and I would really love to use parabens free on the sweet girl.

cocker spaniel
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