Win a Bundle of Pet Munchies NEW Buffalo Dental Chews!

Pet Munchies, makers of premium gourmet dog treats, have teamed up with K9 Magazine this month to offer 7 lucky readers the chance to win three packs of mouth-watering all natural NEW Buffalo Dental Chews!

Premium gourmet dental chews made with 100% natural human- grade grass fed Buffalo. This healthy chew is infused with salmon oil which is good for skin and coat, joint mobility due to the rich levels of Omega 3.

Long lasting and designed to satisfy your dog’s natural instinct to chew, to help reduce tartar and plaque for healthy teeth and gums to support good oral health. Grain and gluten free, they’re low in fat and high in protein, with no artificial colours or flavours makes this the ultimate chew.

Made with quality, human grade real meat, Pet Munchies treats are packed full of natural goodness for your dog without artificial colours or flavours. Naturally low in fat and carbohydrates, all of Pet Munchies treats are delicately roasted to perfection in their own natural juices.

Find out more about the delicious and nutritious Pet Munchies treat range online at

So what are you waiting for? Enter our competition to win one of Pet Munchies treat bundles brimming with natural goodness and treat your dog to something they’re sure to love.

All you have to do is comment on this post here leaving your email address hidden behind your username and tell us your dog’s breed and age, so we can work out which size of chews will best suit your dog.

Good luck!

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Catherine Brown

What a absolutely fabulous idea, anything that makes my dogs pearlers white and shiny must be good. My dogs have been having dental stick on a daily basis since they were pups and, according to the vet have teeth like pups and they’re both nine now. I’ll most definitely be giving these a shot.( fingers crossed I win some freebies). Catherine Brown York, East Yorkshire

Vanessa Gregory

My dogs adore pet munchies and ocean fish sticks are their favourite so far. They would love a chance to try these and they are toy breeds so help their teeth as well.

Mr Nicholas Craig Bootle


Mary Tuft

I have 8 rescues which is a lot of teeth to take care of.
If I was lucky enough to win to try these out I’m sure they would prefer these treats to the toothbrushing
Thank you

Lisa Richmond

my puppy loves chewing so these would be ideal and it might save my newspapers from being shredded!

Susan cross

Buddy would love these Chew’s keeping paws crossed.

Clare Wall

My dog is a collie cross and he’s 10.

Rachel Tansley

Ned and Joan my 2 miniature dachshunds. 5yrs and 3yrs old.

Samantha Davies

My two would love to try these!

Nicky Russell

Bonnie is a small crossbreed aged 4


A westie cross border terrier. Age 3

Victoria Prince

My dog is Ria and she’s a 7 year old Kooikerhondje 🙂

Louise Newman

Lola is a small Jack Russell, age 4

Becky Verran

My puppy would love to try this to help with her teething

Wendy preston

We would love to win these, keep my 2 busy whilst cooking Christmas dinner 😄

rachel hockley

Whippet and Manchester terrier. 1 and 4 years old


Whippet and Manchester Terrier. 1 and 4 years old. My two absolutely love your treats, they provide great entertainment for them as they both love to chew


Cavapoo and he turns 1 on Friday.

Keith Roberts

Love spoiling my 2 gorgeous Girls Bonnie our Cocker Spaniel and Maddison our Rescued Choc Lab. They deserve spoiling as lovley affectionate loyal fun loving girls.

Justine Burnett

2 x Old English sheepdogs, 30kg, aged 8 & 6

Sarah Howson

Would love to win for Maizy and Ying.

Rachel Christie

My boys love Pet Munchies products and would LOVE to try these new chews

Pauline Jackson

I have powerful chewers (GSDs and Malis), these look like they may well be long lasting chews…always a good thing in this house.

Lisa O’Hara

Fantastic prize


Would love to win this for our dog sioux she loves a treat and this would be something different for her

Valerie Gibbons

Would love to win for my dog. He is six years old, a rescue dog who doesn’t like to have things done to him so I can’t check his teeth easily. I’ve been giving him a brand of chews designed to clean teeth but have realised they contain unhealthy ingredients so am looking for a healthier option.

julie Roberts

Love spoiling my 2 gorgeous Girls as they give me so much love. They are both lovely affectionate loyal fun loving dogs,

Toby Wheddon

Awesome treats for my lovely monty a Lakeland terrier age 11

Jack aged 2 yorkiepoo

Gillian Campbell

Ive 8 dogs 6 Tibetan Spaniels and a Chihuahua and a Pom x Chihuahua 😊

Cassie Walsworth

2&3 year old rescue pugs x

Tina Saunders

Cody is a Jack Russell aged 6

Sonia Bonner

I’d like to win these for my dog Benji he would love them.

Michelle Samples

Mist would love to try this treat


Oh this will be a prezzie for the dogs

Gillian Brown

6yr old collie

Joanne Hover

German pointer, 20 months

Patricia Dewey

I have just started walking my neighbours three whippets. They are adorable and I would love to give them a treat.

Jessica Barber

A pug aged 4 and a Labrador golden retriever cross aged 13!


My dogs are a Yorkshire terrier who’s 12 years old and a jack Russell whos 8 years old x

Samantha Chidler

Teddie is a 8kg yorkshire terrier aged 4 years.

Willow Dawn Calder

Fabulous prize

Labrador 7 years

Helen smith

Freddie cocker spaniel age 8

mrs mell orford

my dog is simply my best friend and my company all day !! so id like to treat him with something special….thankyou x

Anne fraser

Skye would love this for his Christmas

Jessica Barber

I’ve got a 4 year old Pug and a 13 year old Labrador Golden Retriever cross!

Evie Campbell

I would like to win as i have just done a 10 mile hike with my friend to raise money for Wolf wood we managed to get £256.50 so i would like to get some products free as well for them.

David C Jones

My dog is more than a dog or pet, she is a Service Dog and she has literally saved my life twice. We have been together almost 4 years now. Up until now I had no problems keeping her fed but as of late I have fallen onto difficult times. SD Olivia has received only Grain-Free food items. Dry, Wet and Snacks have always been grain-free. She and I could surely use this bag of food. I thank You.
David C Jones
US Navy Submarine Veteran

Tri-Color Rough Collie
Pet's Age