Win a Bundle of Pet Munchies Treats!

Award-winning Pet Munchies, makers of premium gourmet dog treats, have teamed up with K9 Magazine this month to offer 7 lucky readers the chance to win three packs of their brand new mouth-watering Beef Liver Crunch treats!

Made with 100% natural human grade beef liver and delicately hand baked to perfection, Pet Munchies treats are packed full of natural goodness for your dog without artificial additives and are both grain and gluten free.

Suitable for adult & senior dogs and puppies 9 months and upwards, liver is a great source of protein, vitamins, good fatty acids and many other minerals and nutrients which helps towards maintaining good health.

Find out more about the delicious and nutritious low-fat Pet Munchies treat range online at

So what are you waiting for? Enter our competition to win one of Pet Munchies treat bundles brimming with natural goodness and treat your dog to something they’re sure to love. All you have to do is comment on this post here leaving your email address hidden behind your username.

Good luck!

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Michael Nygaard

Would love to win pet treats for Kandi!

Gill Carpenter

My elderly dogs are allergic to most treats so these sound ideal as they are free from the nasty stuff!

Tracey Bright

I would like to win so my 2 boys buddy & Bryce can try new treats

Beverley Davies

We love Pet Munchies

Gemma Walters

My brown lab would love these especially as she has a very delicate stomach and has to be grain free 🙂

George Subs

Good luck everypawbuddy

Mary Hall

I would like to win as my dog enjoys healthy treats and he hasn’t tried this one yet he is a lovely boy who helps me around the house and deserves a treat,

Klaudia M

My dog would love these! He’s a greedy little guy

Louise Irwin

Yes please 🐶🐕🐶

Luke Robert Parker

My dog loves these. Every treat she has

Fiona Mason

My dog is a black labrador and he is the fussiest dog on earth. He will do anything for the munchies liver sticks. I owe it to him to enter this competition he will love me forever!!


Fingers crossed for my girl patch

paula reno


Suzy Tanton

Good Evening,

I would love to win some for my 3 dogs I have now, as only just tried your “munchies” from my local pet shop: they all absolutely loved them. I suffered a life treatening stroke & was on life support for over 7 months & marvellous 3 years of rehab. My “doggie friends” looked after my friends for all that time- things have moved on now & I am so grateful to them & our NHS- doggie people are the best in the business & am so lucky to have my 3- all placed at Crufts & 1 is a Sh.Champion-they are all retired now,but as a disabled person, my dogs are my constant companions & need to treat them as such. Shall buy them more “munchies” you get out of your dog what you put in & I have never given any of mine,but the best.

Micki Sweet

I have a blind 14 year old Cairn Terrier named Maggie. She’s always had a finicky tummy. I have wanted to try special gluten-free, grain-free treats for her as a nice reward for being such a good little girl, but living on disability and an extremely tight budget doesn’t allow me to buy special treats. Unfortunately, she usually goes without rather than giving her something she can’t tolerate. It would be so great to win some special treats for my little girl!


My dogs love these treats, my girl only eats natural treats, won’t touch anything with additives, colourings etc in it so these are perfect for her, not able to get all of the flavours though. Thank you for the chance to win these 💝💝