Win a Bundle of Pet Munchies Treats!

Award-winning Pet Munchies, makers of premium gourmet dog treats, have teamed up with K9 Magazine this month to offer 7 lucky readers the chance to win three packs of their delicious Training Treats, which are now available in even bigger 150g packs!

Made with 100% natural quality human grade meat, Pet Munchies Training Treats are available in Chicken, Sushi and Liver & Chicken. Mouthwatering and naturally low in fat, the Chicken and Liver & Chicken flavours are also wheat, soya and gluten free.

Loved by dogs in the show ring and Agility Team GB, these bite-size, softer treats are suitable for puppies to older dogs.

Find out more about the delicious and nutritious low-fat Pet Munchies treat range online at

So what are you waiting for? Enter our competition to win one of Pet Munchies treat bundles brimming with natural goodness and treat your dog to something they’re sure to love. All you have to do is comment on this post here leaving your email address hidden behind your username.

Good luck!

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This is hard working therapy dog Hugo’s favourite treats he would absolutely love them he’s just recently had his birthday so this would be a lovely wee surprise

Alan Barrett

My dogs would love these please.

Julie Barrett

I’d love to win these for my assistance dog Elgin as they’d make perfect tasty rewards for when he helps me with things like dressing/undressing, opening/closing doors etc

Katherine Lucas

Love to win

Michelle Watson

My Tibetan terrier Chino has had some gastro problems and I have to be careful what I give him. He loves all Pet Munchies treats and they don’t upset his stomach.

Sam Hill

I think my dogs love pet munchies treats more than they love me!

Gillian Leitch

Loki my Boxer has asked to be counted in please 🙂

Beverley Davies

My 3 💜 Pet Munchies

Donna Kelly

I would love to win these treats as my 6.5 year old Cocker Spaniel has been diagnosed with cancer – lymphoma:-( we are going through chemotherapy at the moment so we love these treats as they are one of his favourites and we need tasty treats to help him eat.

Sheila Sayer

I have got 3 dogs- 2 Chihuahuas & a Doberman. They love getting treats and it would be fab if I could win them some . Thank you for doing these fab giveaway 😊

Lisa O’Hara

Fantastic prize

mell orford

I have a new puppy,and I’m sure he would love these as much as my older dog does. training is in full swing !!
so these would be a great help thankyou xx

Lisa Burton

I would love to try my dog on a treat that i haven’t heard of!

Lisa Burton

I think my dog would be very interested in trying this product we have never heard of.

Jessica Gooderson

Buddy loves pet munchies so much his mummy bulk orders them for him and spend most her wages in them for me.


Geoff would love these for his training as an assistance dog

Katie Portrey

I have just discovered this wonderful company through attending Crufts and think I have found the perfect training treats for my dogs! As an aspiring trainer, I hope to enjoy these treats frequently. Brilliant company – you’ll see me again 😉


My 🐶Daisy🌼would absolutely LO❤E these treats! She would happily perform all her tricks to be rewarded with Pet Munchies training treats!!!

Miça Quartey

Would love to win this. My Pulik have been on Pet Munchies for as long a I can remember. They love them. I probably should buy shares in the company 😂

Mica Quartey

Would love to win these to stock up. My Pulik loves them and I always have a pack with us wherever we go. They been treated on them for as long as I can remember. I really should buy shares in the company 😂

Gill Beavis

I’d be the best auntie if I turned up with these treats for Harry the Border Collie 🙂

Leigh Greenhalgh

wonderful my dogs would love this

Amy & Tilly

We have our paws crossed!

Amber Baxter

This would be great for trading my naughty Great Dane whilst out on a walk x

toni pearson

what a great prize, we have just started puppy training classes with our pup, Chester.


I would like to applied for these treats as we are getting a puppy and would love some goodies to train him. We haven’t had a puppy for fifteen years and are looking forward to Our little bundle of joy .


Would love to try these treats on our puppy we are getting .we haven’t had one for fifteen years so will need some treats to train him thanks

Joanne Wilkes

We are getting a puppy and will need some treats to train him.we haven’t had one for fifteen years so excited

Rachel louise hockley

Love this giveaway! My dog lady would love these treats xx

John Tandy

Simply my rescue German Shepherd Yogi loves Pet Munchies

Debbie cox

Would love these for my schnoodle, poppy

Patricia Lyndsey

My new rescue dog Teddy has been neutered today so I think he deserves some treats.

Beverley Davies

My 3 delinquents love Pet Munchies 💜

Debbie Briggs

My Dog only Eats Natural Food. Please consider him.


My boy Ed is a mostly reformed reactive dog, but I still always carry tasty treats to help distract him when he does have a ‘moment’, these treats definitely distract him!

Julia Bowen

Bronson and Rocky are two rescue staffys both have had very rough starts but are safe, warm and happy with me now. Rocky has a few behavioural issues and winning this prize would help in his training and development.

Mandy austin

Mocha loves these .he would love to win x

Carol Harrison

Bramble would love to win these treats as he thinks Pet Munchies are the best treats ever

Sarah Baker

Holly Terrier would love to win these. Pet Munchies treats are her favourite.

Beth Ponsford

I wood love to win these for my pup as she will only concentrate and learn when I have pet Munchies to offer her. Any other treats a d she isn’t interested.


These are perfect for my labrador who is sensitive to pretty much everything and there’s not many treats out there he can have

Sue Daff

My boy Toby got some of these at Christmas and loved them. Can’t buy them in the shops in UK and would love some for my guardian angel

Aileen Watson

Hi, my name is Rudi. I am 19 weeks old and am loving learning new things. What makes it even better is my mum gives me Pet Munchies when I get it right and I LOVE 💕 THEM. I can now sit/down/leave/stay and round. Lots more to learn and those chicken treats are certainly helping xxx



John Tandy

These are great when taking Yogi my rescue German Shepherd to the training fields, loves his Pet Munchies

mrs mell orford

would love to win these treats for my boy Cobie.hes been my rock since my back surgery!!
every single day hes been my company and simply my best friend to talk to.cry with and there to help me get better!!
thankyou so much x

Alice Bramucci

My Vega loves them ^^ She consumes bags and bags of them when she’s with the dog walker ahaha guess who’s spoiled!?

Clare Wall

My boy would love a tasty treat.


My dogs love Pet Munchies, tasty and great value for money.

June selway

My dogs love pet munchies a real treat for them