Win a George Barclay Monxton Box Bed!

This month we are offering one lucky reader a chance to win the George Barclay Monxton box bed in Twilight / Denim in Small (60 x 50 x 27cm), as reviewed and loved by Sarah Jayne Dunn for K9 Magazine recently.

The George Barclay Monxton box bed has been produced using superior quality upholstery fabric. The bed utilises a soft woven fabric for the centre pillow and inner sidewalls, paired with contrasting leatherette for the beds exterior.

A high side design provides optimum draught protection, forming a cosy environment for your dog.

The bed is filled using our orthopaedic, blended memory foam to achieve a supportive cushion with the correct orthopaedic properties and rebound characteristics. These blended memory foam particles easily mould around the shape of your dogs’ body, achieving supreme comfort and support for your companion.

Incorporating our Moisture Shield™ protective, water-resistant inner cover, the beds cushioning will remain dry and odourless, while the removable outer cover makes washing easy. The bed is finished with faux suede piping and branded leatherette centre patch, to complete the beds signature styling.

So what are you waiting for? To enter this giveaway all you have to do is comment on this post here leaving your email address hidden behind your username.

Good luck!

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Bev Nicholson

Yes please!

Mr Nicholas Craig Bootle


Lisa Richmond

My puppy has just chewed his bed so would love a new one and this looks very comfy

Vanessa Gregory

Looks so warm and snuggly! My 18 year old pom would love this!


I have an elderly dog Dizzy and I believe this bed would be ideal in every way for her, keeping her warm and cosy in her elderly years, that is when she can get in before the other two

Cheryl Chervitz

I would love to have a new bed for one of my 3 dogs.

Kay Cherryman

I have an elderly mini schnauzer with aching bones who suffers with the cold and the design and comfort of this bed looks like the ideal solution


Yes please, this would be fab!

Michael Gorman

My rescued Golden lurcher boy deserves a quality bed, he may have to fight me for it though.🤪

Trish Smith

Looks a lovely bed my Oldies will love it


Oh my girls love their beds. This would make a great addition to the cool weather camping that we do. A comfy cozy bed.

Mike Lanka

Our Jack Russell is old & needs a comfy bed.

Nico's Legacy

Reggie has recently become quite unwell and has been diagnosed with a liver shunt. He has become quite lethargic and has been having numerous duvet days recently. A new luxury bed would be perfect for him

Elizabeth Garcia
sheena jan Ellis

wow what a great prize to win

Olive Armstrong

I have two old dogs, they’ve been together just over 2 years and although have their own beds prefer to share one. One has had a terrible life in Romania and I’d love him to have a bed as cosy and comfy as this.

Mike Cuss

My little sausage dog would love this, the cats keep stealing his current bed !

Sandra McDonald

This bed looks like the one my little dog would just adore, so warm, comfy it would just be adorable and I would be such a good little girl..

What a fabulous christmas present this would because I just love presents now that I live here with my new owner. When I was a stray in Greece it was very uncomfortable and the people were very unkind to me. I had to survive on my own and I was just a puppy, but when I was 7 months old my mum in England adopted me and I am every so happy and well looked after and adored by my owner now.

My name is Kyra

Elke Schluter

that would be pawemazing to win da bed we heard out Mummy saying.dats why we twenter Mummy’s name here.
We are dewery lucky pups wrescud from da puppy farm, de stwreet a d cruelty. Mumsy alwso fostering fury baby’s and we are all wery nice and help her. pwaese give us da chance to win 😘😘😘🐶🐕🐶🐾🐾

Sandra Graveson

Would love this dog bed for my fur buddy .He’s coming up to 11 years old & it would be lovely for him to snuggle up in this for a lovely nap in

Sandra Graveson

Would love to win this fantastic prize for my fur buddy .He’s coming up to 11 years old and I think it would be lovely for him to snuggle up in this and have a great sleep .

Mrs Sandra Graveson

Would love to winthis fantastic prize for myfur buddy .He’s coming up to 11 years old and I think it would be lovely for him to snuggle up in to have a lovely snooze

julie howley

love the design

Janine Wilbraham

With 5 dogs and a three legged rescue collie who would benefit from a bed like this as he can be stiff, bless him

Rebecca Joan Leek

Dog would look great in this bed.

Aixa Briner

Great bed

Gale Koewing

My little (5lb/2.5kg) Chih has recently developed a painful “slipped patella”; she could
really use a fine, supportive yet cushioned bed like this one to keep her comfortable pre- and post-surgery! Please wish Maddie luck!

Evgenii Ivuchkin

Здравствуйте. Очень хочу выиграть эту кровать для своей собаки.

Isobel Cowie

Hi I would like to win this bed for my dog as he deserves the very best and this bed looks so comfortable


Looks good

Paola Vitale

My 2 Tibetan Terriers would like to have it a lot!

Judith Clarke

I’d love to win this for my sister in law’s yorkie, Milly. She would love it.

Viv Martin

I’d like to win because my St Bermastiff youngster Bram has chewed up all my little dogs’ beds and they deserve a new one (which will be kept in a hidey-hole which is just right for them, but too small for Bram to get in. Haha!)

Ian Brown

Our beautiful little puppy would love to go to sleep and rest in this great looking bed.

Gail Clement

his month we are offering one lucky reader a chance to win the George Barclay Monxton box bed in Twilight / Denim in Small (60 x 50 x 27cm), as reviewed and loved by Sarah Jayne Dunn for K9 Magazine recently.

I’d l r to win this doggie bed, I have 2 dogs and I’ve just taken in a 3rd, she was brought up indoors, never went on walks and was neglected, she’s getting lots of cuddles here with me and my 2 fur babies love our new addition.

Moira Lynch

Moira Lynch

This bed is just made for my ickle Yorkie BiloBompa. She is only used to the “finer things in life” and this bed is so suited to her.( yerrr I wish lol)

And as a hard working pensioner I struggle to afford nice things for my fur baby and I love reading your great magazine its very friendly.

Elizabeth Smith

I’d love this bed for Merry, whom is suffering from arthritis so I hope this would give more support. So glad that it is washable though because I’ve never had one of these bichons I keep hearing of who refuse to go out in the rain, walk round puddles and are almost phobic of mud. My dogs have always been of the digging, rolling in unmentionables and swimming in dirty rivers variety and aging doesn’t alter their habits!

Linda Williams

It loks realy nice. Since I wil not have the money to give my dog (Loki) any thing for Christmas, it would be so nice to win this!

Diane Coles

This bed looks absolutely gorgeous! I wonder if Alfie dog, our Saluki/Greyhound, would make some space at night for me to join him?? I make space in MY bed!! Heehee!

Sue Le Chat

It sounds like a wonderfully comfortable bed, with

Ashley Patrick

My boy so needs his own bed.. LOL He is a pure bed hog..

Janine Malone

My little Darcy Dachshund would love to snuggle in a bed which is as stylish as she is <3

Fionna Ashman

I would like to win this bed for one of our elderly residents here at Lizzie’s Barn Sanctuary, I can just see one of our lovely dogs curled up snoring in absolute luxury.

Tanya Enzweiler

My almost 100 lb Jackson needs a big boy bed of his own!!

gerald ives

this looks a very dog bed. I seem to get through a lot of beds due to my rehoming of Border Collies for the last 40 years. some dogs like to bite their beds which means they do not last long.I only have one re homed border collie at the moment and he need a new bed

Gail Clement

Be great if I could win this bed, I hope I get some luck this time

Caralyn Davis
Yvonne jordan

We love your bedx

scott griffiths

need new dog bed badly