Win a Goody Bag from FRONTLINE Pet Care!

This month K9 Magazine has teamed up with FRONTLINE Pet Care to offer 5 lucky readers the chance to win a goody bag including 6 products from their range – and you choose which products you’d like!

FRONTLINE recognises that grooming isn’t just about how a pet looks but that it also has a key role in maintaining pets’ health and wellbeing, a primary concern for all pet owners. The range includes a specialised formula with two key ingredients:

Rhamnose, a polysaccharide compound, to stop bacteria sticking to the skin and coat while reducing odours and soothing the skin and Luminescine, a natural plant extract, to help deflect harmful UV rays, while enhancing colour and radiance for a brilliant shine.

The full range is split into shampoo and pet care products, as detailed below and you can choose which 6 products you’d like to receive in your goody bag from across the range, which includes:


• Dark Coat Shampoo – offers a deep shine to dark fur with ingredients for protection against the effects of harsh sunlight.

• White Coat Shampoo – formulated for long-lasting hydration and protection against harsh sunlight for white or light-coloured hair.

• Long Coat Shampoo – reduces shedding, and includes detangling agents for slick, snagfree combing.

• Puppy & Kitten Shampoo – a gentle formula for puppies and kittens over two months of age. Skin soothing and moisturising for smooth skin and a soft coat.

• Sensitive Skin Shampoo – formulated for dry, irritated or sensitive skin. It soothes and hydrates the skin, whilst restoring a beautiful shine to the coat.

• Odour Control Shampoo – created for greasy, flaking skin. It contains deodorising Moringa seed extracts and ensures protection and hydration of the skin.

Care Range:

• Leave-In Foam – a 2-in-1cleanser and conditioner acting as an alternative to wet shampooing. It gives odour control and a natural, glossy coat.

• Daily Spritz Daily – a conditioning spray for dogs and cats with Macadamia oil to refresh the skin, whilst reviving the coat’s natural shine.

• Paw Balm – moisturises and protects the sensitive areas of the feet in dogs and cats and helps to protect from snow, hot roads and irritants like sand and salt.

• Skin Care Gel – soothes patches of irritated skin. It soothes and hydrates the skin whilst providing antibacterial properties and a protective physical zinc oxide barrier over the skin surface.

So what are you waiting for? Enter to win a goody bag today! All you have to do is comment on this post here leaving your email address hidden behind your username and don’t forget to let us know which 6 products you would like your goody bag to include…

Good luck!

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belinda atkinson

oh my gosh after this cold spell I was so relieved to see your product paw balm my poor eddie, rescue staffy, little tiny white dog has been non stop licking his paws since this cold spell, now I have clicked what it is after reading paw balm and what it is for., tbhis would be awesome to try., eagerly awaiting in anticipation eddies owner/mum Belinda

Julie Barrett

I’d love to win this for my assistance dog Elgin and my rescue beagle Cherry. The six items I’d like to win are – all four from the care range, plus dark coat shampoo for my black lab Elgin, and sensitive shampoo for Cherry.

Alice Bramucci

I would pick White Coat Shampoo, Odour Control Shampoo, Sensitive Skin Shampoo, Daily Spritz Daily, Paw Balm & Skin Care Gel 🙂 That would be AMAZING!


Dark coat shampoo
Puppy and kitten shampoo
Odour control shampoo
Daily spritz daily
Paw balm

Adelle McArthur

We would love to win
Paw balm, Daily Spritz Daily, Leave-in Foam, Sensitive skin Shampoo, Odour Control Shampoo & Dark Coat Shampoo please.


Id love to win Odour control shampoo, Paw balm, Skin care Gel, Leave in foam, Daily spritz and Dark coat shampoo for my girls.

Donna Blackburn

I never know which ones to use so this would be great

Dena greer Castaways Hooves & Hounds

we have 15 bloodhounds that we raise and rescue. They have distinct odors and allergies that constantly gives skin issues.. we would love to have some of these products to use!

Kirsty 😘

Would love this as just bought a puppy and want him smell
Nice and be looked after

Pet's Age
nikola naroznik

i would love to win the
puppy and kitten shampoo
daily spritz
paw balm
skin care gel
and the cark coat shampoo

Pet's Age