Win a Handcrafted Charm Bead from Memories In Glass!

This month we have teamed up with Memories In Glass to bring you a particularly special competition, offering three lucky readers a chance to win a handcrafted charm bead, infused with their pet’s fur or ashes.

Memories In Glass combines items of personal and sentimental value with glass jewellery, creating keepsakes and heirlooms to last generations. Every piece is handcrafted from start to finish, ensuring the highest quality available.

Transparent glass with multi-coloured flecks of purple, blue and teal. Fused with ashes.

You can choose to fuse almost anything, including cremation ashes, fur from your pets, or horsehair into your products. The process can bring peace and comfort when suffering loss, and happiness knowing your loved ones will always be close by.

The wider range of items they work with, including both ashes and horsehair, sets them aside from many other companies within the market who only work with ashes.

Transparent glass with red flecks fused with fur.

Memories In Glass has a range of products to appeal to your own personal choice.

A charm bead fused with an item of your choice retails at £50 and is available in an array of colours and glass types.

For more information on Memories In Glass visit – - -

So what are you waiting for? To enter this competition to win a charm bead (no band) all you have to do is comment on this post here leaving your email address hidden behind your username.

Good luck!

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Clare Wall

Would love a bead with the fur of my rescue dog to keep with me always.

Michelle Young

This would be a wonderful way to celebrate Pirate Cat who was my companion for 17 years x

Michelle Young

What an amazing giveaway, thank you <3

Charlene young

Have had two made already.. would love to win another.. they are so beautiful

Eva Smithers

Would love to win one of these to put on my “dog” angel bracelet. X

Mr Nicholas Craig Bootle


Nicola Bevan-French

I have the ashes of my adorable cat who died when she was 17, in 2002. I’d love to have these made into a bead.


Would love this unusual charm bead and would put my puppy’s hair inside

Catherine Wunderlich

Would absolutely love to win a bead in memory for my husky/shep, Beau. He passed a few years ago but still holds onto my heart. Memories in Glass is a beautiful way to hold onto him.

Victoria lill

Would live to win one of these x

Mariota Kittermaster

I would love to win the Memories in Glass competition as my dog died suddenly and it would help me forget his awful death and be a reminder of all the good times we shared x

Lisa Marie smith

This would be perfect for my best friend 🤞🏼

Debbie Lambert

Very nice

Amber McNeeley

Thank you for the wonderful chance.


They are beautiful! Will defiantly be like having my dogs be with me everywhere I go. I’m going on holiday for three weeks soon, so I will miss them dearly.


My daughter’s rottweiler has recently passed away at a young age due to cancer. She had a unique special bond with my young granddaughter. They would often lie down cuddling one another and were protective of each other, where one was the other soon followed behind. My daughter has ashes in a beautiful box on display but a one of these beads would be perfect to put away for when my granddaughter is older. Xx

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