Win a Neato D 85 Robot Vacuum!

Do you live with a moulter?

Neato Helps You Come Clean With This Competition to Win a Fantastic Neato D 85 Robot Vacuum (worth £420!) – it’s the perfect robot vacuum for pet hair!

Do you love your pet but hate that there’s hair everywhere? Don’t feel like vacuuming? The good news is that at the touch of a button Neatoâ„¢ robotics’ vacuum – the Botvac D85 – does the work for you. It can even do the vacuuming even when you are out – so your house is always clean.

In this competition you have the chance to win one of these great robot vacuums for your home – and your pet hair!

Based on the same laser scanner and navigation technology as used by the Google self-driving car, Neato’s patented Botvision technology ensures that the robot creates a detailed and accurate map of the area to be cleaned. It then cleans in an organised back and forth pattern – rather than bumping around the room like other robots. Neato robot vacuums are also so clever that they know when to go back to their base to recharge, and then return to the spot where they left off to finish the cleaning job. No other robot vacuum has this intelligence.

The Neato Botvac brush is also 50% larger than those found on other robots, making it the largest brush available on any robot vacuum. Designed to hug walls for maximum cleaning power, it cleans within 10 millimeters (0.4”) of the wall and even includes a side brush to pick up every speck of dust.

Its larger dirt bin holds more captured dirt, dander, pet hair and allergens and is easy to empty.

Hair – pet, human or other – the Neato doesn’t discriminate and is perfectly house trained.

The Neato D85 is priced at around £420.00 and is available from leading outlets including Amazon, Robert Dyas and Appliances Direct ( For further information about Neato Robotics visit online at

We are currently reviewing this robot vacuum cleaner for K9 Magazine and can safely say this cleaner is life changing if you are constantly battling pet hairs!

So what are you waiting for? If you are UK based, enter our competition to win your very own Neato D85 today!

To be in with a chance of winning, all you have to do is be comment on this post here leaving your email address hidden behind your username telling us what type of dog(s) you own.

Good luck!

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Jane Grant

2 Red setters, 2 (inherited) tibetan terriers, and they ALL moult. This could retire my dyson animal to the kennel, most days!

Neil Ritchie

I would love to win the robot vacuum as my Labrador moults constantly and its impossible to keep my house clean.

Rachael fox

This would be fab. As I have a great dane with needle hairs ( not many vacs can cope with them ) and a rottie whose hair gets everywhere!!

paul nuttall

Shar pei

paul nuttall

Shar pei

tina saunders

fantastic prize!

Fiona Stewart

It seems like something that would be used in CTU in 24 so we think it’d be ideal to clean up our boxer dog Bauer’s hairs!

Hannah Maxfield

Lord I need this!! I have two dogs – a black Labrador who has just turned 2 and a white German Shepherd who is 1 1/2. My girl shepherd gets hair everywhere!! I am a teacher and every day one of the kids used to remark “Miss you’re covered in white hair.” It has reached a point where now they just look at me and say “Miss, is your dog moulting again?”

Now like most dog owners hair does get everywhere – hello hair in my lunch – how?!…so having this handy vacuum would get loads of hair up before it sticks to me, my sofa, my food, my car etc etc.

James Duffy

hi there we have a Siberian husky called Midnight and shes just the loveliest dog ever except for the fur its everywhere… haha

Michael Clifford-lund

I would love to win this x

Louise Asekokhai

I have a Jack Russell crossed with a Beagle and she has very white, wiry hairs that a realy hard to hoover up so a quality vacuum cleaner like this would be amazing.


Hi I have 3rescue dogs of my own but also provide dog boarding so I have fur balls following me around the house even though g hover a few times a day
Would love to sit back and enjoy the hoovering being done for me

Lisa Daniels

Having 6 dogs it would be a dream to win this!!!

Damien Tagoe

Hi, I own a Jack Russell and a Jack Russell/Bichon cross both of which moult like there is no tmw. I would absolutely love to see them deal with a robot invader in our house, would make for some very amusing times!

Weston Martin

I have a miniture schnauzer named Lucca but she sheds!! I really want this vaccum.


very helpful idea

Francesca Pritchard

I desperately need one of these living with a French Bulldog who moults twice a year for six months at a time! It’s impossible to keep on top of his hair loss, but I would by change him for the world!

Phil Pritchard

Not sure if my last comment posted? But just in case, I have an American cocker spaniel

Melissa Young

I have 4 dogs: mastiff x Rottie, Bernese Mountain, beagle, and a long-haired mix breed.
I also have an indoor rabbit who moults just as much as the dogs!

Ian Watts

This cleaner would be very handy indoors especially as it goes everywhere and picks up, saves time a help reduce allergens.

Liz Robinson

Hi / the Neato D85 looks amazing I would love to win one – I have 3 dogs and so I’m constantly vacuuming / I have an 8 year old boxer named Vinny, a 6 year old Boston terrier named Wilma and the worst moulter of them all is my 11 month English bulldog, Brian.

Linda Johnson

This looks grt for helping me, I’ve 3 dogs 2 don’t moult but the bulldog moults for all 3! It’s so bad I’ve to clean the filter on washer every week

Jackie Hendry

Own a crazy Collie Mastiff cross, with so much hair!

Angela Clay

We have a Rottweiler shedding machine, never stops. How is she not bald? I have to empty my vacuum cleaner bin every single day. A Neato would change my life.