Win a Pet Water Magnet!

This month, K9 Magazine is giving one lucky reader the chance to win a pet water magnet from MAGNETIX Wellness.


Animals have far finer sensory organs/special senses and appreciate the power of magnets to relieve their sufferings and increase their well-being.

Magnet accessories are able to stimulate the sensitive organism of animals in a quite natural way. Water is essential for all living creatures. Providing sufficient water is vitally important for animals, particularly if you give your pet dry food.

Give them water in a bowl with magnets from MAGNETIX Wellness. In particular, pets are proven to prefer magnetised water and often choose it over “normal” water. Magnetised water remains fresher for longer than regular tap water because bacteria does not form in it so fast. It smells, tastes and benefit animals much better and can enhance wellbeing.

Benefits of magnetised water can include: stimulation of the metabolism, improved circulation, promotion of immune system, relief from painful cramps, reduction in rheumatism, faster healing of inflammation, harmonisation of the nervous system and more.

For more pet products from MAGNETIX Wellness as well as a wide range of jewellery and accessories, please visit

So what are you waiting for? Enter our competition to win a pet magnet for your dog’s water bowl. All you have to do is comment on this post here leaving your email address hidden behind your username.

Good luck!

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Mr Nicholas Craig Bootle


Sylvia Fadries

My lovely Lurcher Lizzie is now almost 12 years old (on 5th November 2018). She is a rescue dog that has been in my life since she was 1 year old. Naturally she is getting a little older and slower now, well aren’t we all? This magnet sounds ideal to sort out those niggly gripes that come with age. To ensure that her quality of life continues for as long as possible as I don’t know how I will cope without her.


I would like one of these. My pets like tap water, but sometimes when they are thirsty but not VERY thirsty, they won’t drink. I REALLY like this idea.


our fur baby is just that, a fur baby. She deserves the best in life and we work hard to provide that for her. Anything that could improve her wellness and health is a positive in my opinion. She is also of a breed which is known from suffering from bloat and hip dysphagia so anything that can help prevent that from happening is something we are interested in acquiring!