Win a Scruffs® Expedition Box Bed!

This month we have teamed up with Scruffs to offer readers the chance to win their very own Scruffs® Expedition Box Bed and we have four chocolate lined box beds (size: large – 75 x 60cm) up for grabs!

The Scruffs® Expedition collection of pet bedding is the ideal durable solution for dogs that enjoy outdoor pursuits such as beach walking and muddy forest trails. Scruffs® Expedition Box Beds are produced using a heavy-duty, 600-denier fabric, providing a robust, durable outer cover.

The reverse side of the fabric is coated with a 100% water resistant backing to prevent the ingress of water. For improved support the box beds are constructed using a one-piece design. The centre cushion of the bed forms an integral section, maximising the beds strength and durability. The beds are filled with a 100% recycled green-fibre fill with unmatched cushioning, resilience and insulation characteristics.

So what are you waiting for? To enter this competition all you have to do is comment on this post here leaving your email address hidden behind your username.

Good luck!


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Adelle McArthur

This would be great for my staffy Roxy 🐶

Adelle McArthur

Roxy would ❤ a new bed 🐶
Thanks for the chance x

nicola carabineru

Yes please

Lorraine Hyde

For the bed competition

Lunar our Afghan underwent double hip replacement as a puppy and you published an article about him back in 2016/17 and the loss of his two brothers. Lunar has fully recovered now but suffers from anxiety due to lack of socialization and he loves home comforts and would love his own bed just for him. He has also opened the pathway to other afghan owners and breeders to now hip score which is a marvellous thing. This means Mason and Arnie didn’t die in vain x
Love Lorraine Michael and Grace Hyde


My boy would love this.

Lynn Gibbins

I would love to win this for my Rescue Lurcher boy, who has needs a new bed now he is all grown up and stopped growing and destroying things!

Sharon Lawrence

I know a Jack russell cross that would love this bed xx

Stevie-Leigh Egerton

I’d like to win this bed for my shepherd cross husky (Kodi), As I still haven’t found the type of bed that he loves so he still chooses to sleep on the floor.
I haven’t tried this style yet!

Nicola maynard

Nicola maynard

My 2 French bulldogs always share a bed. This would be perfect for them to snuggle at night together.

Emma Lake

My husky storm would lovvvve this xx


I have rescued 13 furbabies (so far-lol) and a new dog bed would sure help as we are currently using blankets folded as dog beds. I am not a non profit nor do I ask for money from anyone. My son and I rescue and pay for this all on our own. Sometimes we find wonderful homes for rescues and other times the wonderful home is ours where they will stay and have a happy life instead of on the street. Just doing our part for the furbabies.

Mr Nicholas Craig Bootle


Kendra koziol

I have five dogs and they could really use a dog bed for their comfort thank you for doing this!

Joanne Hinds

Love this bed, the more relaxed Ing spaces for my dogs the better and this looks super comfy.

Cheryl Chervitz

I have 3 dogs that would love to have this.


Would love a new bed for my 2 dogs, one of them torn the old one so had to throw it away. Love reading the maganize, bunches of positive outcomes!

Florin Cinpianu

It looks wonderful , I’d love to see my dogs in it , definitely will enjoy it ! If you want i can do unboxing for the products your company is promoting.
All the best !

Jennifer Dean

I love dogs and cats. My dogs would like a bed to sleep in. I would like for them to have one.

Deborah Knight

I am a Rottweiler person. I’ve had 5 of them in my life and currently have one now. Major loves your magazine and sometimes I sit and speak w/him regarding your magazine. He would love this as a surprise gift from K9. Thank you


I would love to give my dog this bed because i have never won anything in my life. Not even a scratch ticket and i live in the united states. My dog would love this bed.

Jeanette Purvis

My Dog currently is using a wicker basket dog bed with pillow and blanket to make it very comfy, but this is put in our bedroom and when she moves about to get settled the wicker of the bed speaks and wakes me up every time, so getting a good nights sleep for both of us by having a new soft quiet comfortable bed would be absolute heaven for both of us.

Lisa Richmond

My puppy would love this he has a snuggle blanket in this make and loves it

B Hargreaves

Just what im looking for, a large heavy duty bed for my GSD.

B Hargreaves

just what I have been looking for, a good quality dog bed for my GSD

Harold Ewanchuk

My dog would love a new bed

Julia Richardson

My dog would love this bed. Scamp is a beautiful boy with a beautiful heart. He is always there for me and he deserves this extra treat. I love him so much. He’s 12 now so an extra cosy bed will be just the ticket. Thank you.

tina saunders

Fantastic prize!


My dogs would love this bed
Have a material bed at moment that gets smelly is impossible to wash and have had so many beds tahtvive had to throw away – be great to try this brand looks ideal for my big mastiff x

lisa wicks

this looks like a bed even my fussy staffy would curl up in and sleep ive tried many beds only to find he wouldn’t sleep in it, it does look really comfortable and being waterproof that’s another plus for me. also its recyclable filling which is another plus for me.

Eden Conley

Yes please!

Chris Jacobs

We have a new baby on the house from a rescue centre as and she needs a nice new bed.

Mary Tuft

Wow! Definitely something my water and mud loving
rescue hounds would benefit from!
With 7 of them enjoying the beach and country park daily waterproof beds like this would make a huge difference.
It would be wonderful to have the chance of trying one out.

Lindsey Richardson

I would love to win this for my friends new family member Ronnie the English bull terrier
After losing her beloved gizmo 2year ago to cancer my friend always said she didn’t think that she would be able to get another dog but just before Christmas we were told about a very neglected English being taken to a nearby rescue centre, 1 visit, all relevant checks done & my friend & Ronnie have found & healed each other. He is putting weight on nicely & growing so it won’t be long before he will need a new bed

Marsha Jane Driscoll

Marsha Jane Driscoll

I would love to win this for my new puppy, Sky, I’m going to pick her up next week and this would be nice and cosy for her to settle in 😊

Jan Ashton

The reason I would love to win a large well made dog bed is because I have currently 4 dogs soon to become 6, all are very active and a go through a great many dog beds as many do not wash well. I am a pensioner and this would save me some money which is always welcome. Thank you, Jan

David Saunders

This bed appears to have an excellent balance of being really good quality whilst extremely practical too


Really nice dog bed! I can just see my dog cuddled up in it. She’s 10 years old & sleeps a lot so I know she woul love it.

Liz Morris

A dog bed is more then just a place where your sweet boy or girl can lay their head. It’s a comfortable spot that they can call their own. A spot where they go when they want to feel secure, when they don’t feel well, or when they feel they are home. Their bed could mean the center of their world all their own. It could be their signature. I would love for my “boy” to have a nice bed like this. Thank you for the opportunity.🐕

Valerie Perkins

Desperate for a durable bed as I have a scratcher!


Both of my dogs love to sleep. They are lost without their bed. One of my dogs are getting older and she never wants to leave her bed unless it’s for food. I feel like this bed will be comfortable for her.

Tina Winterbottom

My puppy would love this bed to relax in.


Fingers crossed!


Hi I would really love to win this bed as it is much needed for the dog room I am making!! I can also share this win on my instagram @piper.bc which is full of pet lovers that would be very interested in this! Thanks

scott griffiths

because my dog needs a new bed badly

Carmen Simona Maxim

WOOOW Totally Awesome BED, I’d love to Win one for my Border Collie SAIAN. The Pooch is still the star in the photo….XXX

Charla Harrigan

We have three dogs large. Medium and small. Need less our bed and more of theirs. We go through beds quicker than I want to spend to replace. My daughter is pet fanatic and will probably have some type of career in pet training, car or sitting.

Carl's mom

Me and my darling terrier mix Carl are looking for a new bed for him. He is very bougie and only accepts the best. We love your company and Carl would love to win a new bed.

Ryan York

My dog would absolutely love this bed! she needs a comfy place to sleep instead of the floor, we would buy her a big bed but we are broke right now , this would make Star ( my 6 year old german shepard ) so happy !!


Let all try and win cos obe of ua will be lucky enough to win this lovely bed for are dogs