Win a Scruffs® Noodle Dry Mat!

This month we are delighted to offer 6 lucky readers the chance to win a Scruffs® Noodle Dry Mat.

The Noodle Dry Mat is extremely absorbent, easily soaking up excess moisture, enabling your dogs’ coat to dry quickly after a wet and muddy walk.

Micro-fibre chenille is used to produce the dry mats’ ‘noodles’. The micro-fibre material is made from millions of textured, ultrafine strands woven together to achieve a surface area that is much greater than the actual size of the dry mat. This vast surface area gives the dry mat its’ super-absorbent properties, soaking up water just like a sponge, as well as improving airflow, this means drying time is greatly reduced.

The same 25mm long chenille noodles also provide a comfortable surface for you dog to rest and has a non-skid surface applied to the underside of the mat making it ideal for use in cars, dog crates or around the home.

The Scruffs® Noodle Dry Mat measures 90 x 60cm and is machine washable to keep it looking its best for longer.

Find out more about Scruffs online at or telephone 0161 7025060.

So what are you waiting for? Enter our competition to win one of 6 Scruffs Noodle Dry Mats (RRP: £26.99). All you have to do is comment on this post here leaving your email address hidden behind your username.

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Samantha Chidler

Please could you enter me in to your competition to win a Scruffs Noodle Dry Mat.
Thank you

L Sutton

Because as a trainee search dog my German Shepherd is out in all weathers and needs lots of help to dry off!

lisa-marie wilson

I’d love to win this for my shih tzu puppy. He hasnt had all of his vaccinations yet as breeder waited. As he cant go out to parks etc he enjoys running around the back garden and getting very mucky. My daughter has special needs and mobility problems so crawls everywhere in the house. The mat would be ideal for catching the mud etc that I miss after drying him, and will help keep carpets clean.


My Bella so needs one of these she so giddy atm and when I tell her to get on her bes she runs so quick she gie sliding round the kitchen


Having a long coated husky who loves water – I’m fed up with having towels on my kitchen floor ! He will lie down in the smallest of puddles – he is obsessed with them!

Lisa Richmond

my dog would love this for his muddy paws and as he is always in and out the garden it would be very useful!

belinda atkinson

my little rescue staffy loves to run around in the mud on the park with all his friends, he comes in with very muddy wet paws this would be ideal for him to sit on whilst I dry him off, it looks so lovely and soft for my paws and my mum can always put it in the back of the car when we drive out of the city for our countryside adventures. please I do hope I win one of these Scruffs noodle dry mat. cant wait to try it out and tell all my other doggy friends about it. from Belinda and eddie woof woof

Dudley Edmunds

Seems the ideal mat to travel home on after a wet and windy sheep dog trial! Beth the sheepdog

Shelagh Hardrich


Lisa K

Oh I would love to win this. Living in a carriage on land behind a state park and a black driveway brings in a lot of dirty paw prints. Have a puppy weimaraner that loves being outdoors brings it all in.

Jenna Brown

I just adopted a puppy and would love to win this for my sweet girl


This would be perfect for my 2 dogs!

andrea howell

I’d like to win a scruffs Noodle Dry dog mat for My dog Reggie because he is always dribbling water after drinks and thinks theres nothing funnier than tipping up his water bowl when its still half fill. I hope the mat will save me a little bit of cleaning up time too.

Linda Houghton

I have a black lab who loves to dig in wet muddy puddles! This mat would be ideal to save me hours of cleaning the kitchen floor!!!

Linda Houghton

I have a black lab who loves to dig in wet muddy borders in my garden!
This mat would be a lifesaver, saving me hours of cleaning the kitchen floor!!


I’d love to win this for my little old lady labrador. She loves a good muddy walk but feels the cold after. She would love to have this to cuddle into whilst she sleeps after her walks.

C Hamilton

I have many dogs and many muddy days. This mat would make life much simpler and it looks good too.

Lindsay longden

Would be really handy to win one of these

Hannah Cushing

I’d love to win!

Annabelle Bradford

Looks amazing!


We aren’t sure what breeds my rescue dog Archer has in him, but he definitely part fish! He absolutely loves water and will even splash around in his water bowl!

Nicole Lunghi-Cordero

I’d love this for my rescue puppy!!

Kristi Mullenix

What a genius idea!


Could love to win

Denise Griffiths

fab giveaway for my furbaby


This would be awesome and helpful!

Emily Gaston

Emily Gaston

I would love to win this for my pup. He is growing so fast and I’m sure he would enjoy having his own space to lay down on.


This is amazing…. I’ve never heard of these


My pup springer cant walk next to channel, lake or puddle without at least small splash 💦
Almost every walk needs to end up with proper towel drying or very intense bath 🛀 This mat could help us self drying 🐶

Spaniel springer
Pet's Age

This would’ve perfect for my wee pup to dry off after a wet walk!

Pet's Age
Kirsty 😘

This would be ideal as my puppy loves running in garden and had to keep having his paws wiped

Pet's Age