Win a Scruffs® Noodle Dry Mat!

To celebrate the launch of the new and improved Scruffs® Noodle Dry Mat, K9 Magazine are offering 3 lucky readers the chance to win a Noodle Dry Mat, worth £49.99, for their dog this Autumn!

Scruffs Noodle Mat

An extremely absorbent product, capable of easily soaking up excess moisture, enabling your dogs’ coat to dry quickly after a wet and muddy walk at home or in the car while travelling – perfect as we head into the wetter months of the year!

Machine washable, the Noodle Dry Mat also has a 3cm foam core to provide further support and comfort. You can find out more about the Noodle Dry Mat online here

Think your dog would love a Noodle Dry Mat to call their own? Enter our competition to be in with a chance of winning one of 3 available, all you have to do is comment on this post here leaving your email address hidden behind your username.

Good luck!

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Kenneth Bease

We have a new pup coming into the family and will need all the help we can get!

Janette Mcculloch

My wee dog would love this wee mat! My friendrescuedhim from horrible people who beat him up, left him outside in all weathers .starved him and cutis tail off! My friend had him for 2weeks but could not keep him as she had 2dogs of her own and was worriedthesepeople would come take him for breeding.heis a loveable wee thing and now is being loved! He doesn’t know whatsotmeans nor how to giveapaw! He has lumps on his sides which are callouses where his bone has been broken !He is about 1years old and i am starting his puppy injections this Friday! We do not think he has had them so have to start over! Please consider him for one of these thanks

Leanne holland

My dog needs one.

Robert Beales

Fingers crossed. 🙂

tina saunders

Fantastic prize – would love one!


This looks great for my Charlie.

Sue Le Chat

The noodle mat sounds just perfect for labradors who love swimming and playing in the mud.

Katie power

Please please please my puppy dog would love this!!!


I have a very large hairy dog who loves the water and going out in the rain. She would love a Noodle Dry Mat

amy fidler

My 2 dogs Jack and Whiskey would love this x

Kate J Holton

Why do I need a Scruffs® Noodle Dry Mat ? picture two long haired Lhasa apso’s who are not only satisfied with the devastation of turning flower beds into mud baths not only digging the biggest holes doggy possible , No these two, then have to roll in the mud bath and have a daily competition of who get the most Mud in their long golden hair and make the house as wet as a dog possibly can , Then comes the washing of 4 pairs of muddiest Paws in the doggy kingdom just so those same paws soaking wet and dripping with water, 2 soggy little darling Charging through the house like Competing Grey Hounds at the track , all the while showing off at how much water they can each splash against a the just cleaned and spotless kitchen , So remind me again I need a Scruffs® Noodle Dry Mat ? because i Need to win my home back and I can not survive another day without one

sarah croft

I would love a new bed from Ziggy


These sound absolutely brilliant count me in

E Bowler

Having bought a scruffs cool mat that was fantastic for my hot dog in the summer I would love a mat that gets them dry quicker.


Having 6 dogs and living by the sea, this mat would come in REALLY handy around here sometimes. Especially when travelling with one of my dogs, she doesn’t travel well (LOTS of drool)


Have 2 dogs will absolutely love this


I need this for my puppy Enid as she loves to roll about in muddy puddles so she can get mummy’s new carpet dirty

Lesley Bennett

I have a Schnoodle whose curly coat seems to hold the moisture so this product would be ideal for him

Tim Oliver

My Holly loves to really snug and comfy and being a tiny dog loves to be warm and feel safe in her own space.

Jack morgan

Love it plz let me win

David Coogan

I have just got a new Pup called Kala and would love to spoil her with new things! 🙂

breanna shidler

i need one really bad

Julie Corden

My dog is now nearly 11 years old and still loves getting wet and muddy on the farm every day!!! This would be great to let him dry off before getting on the furniture


Would love to win!

Colleen Tautari

I would love this noodles dry mat for simba


wow wow wow what an amazing idea
would love to win one of these to stop those muddy paws all over the house

Chelsea Bassett

With two boxers things seem to always be brought into the house…water, leaves, mud etc. with this mat hopefully it will leave it at the door. I have tried so many mats and none have seemed to work.this product looks like it will help!

Colleen Comstock

Great stuff

Nicola Burton

My dog would love to win this!

Roo the cocker spaniel

Hello my name is Roo! I’m a chocolate and tan cocker spaniel. My Dad is always taking me on long walks in the forest and i love to run through all the muddy puddles, its such fun! When i come home all i want to do is flop somewhere comfy. But sometimes my Mum tells me off because im all wet and i leave muddy water patches all over the floor . If i had a noodles mat i could sleep all afternoon without anyone bothering me!

Please make me the happiest dog in the world

From Roo *woof*


This is a must for my dog lol she would love a noodle mat

chanteil sniff

My dog would love this

maria stone

I need this mat to stop the mucky paws coming in from the garden!


MY Puppy named Duke would LOVE this!

Mindy hernandez

I have a 12 year old dog with arthritis and it’s hard to find a bed that’s comfortable enough for him.

Sonali Gaba

We would like to win because we are first time owners getting a dog in mid-September. We are already spending a lot of money on rescuing the puppy and getting its shots. Also buying toys and dog items that our Stafford terrier would need. So it would be a great help if we could get one thing that was for free!

Willie Thompson

Our Snowball is getting old and she is having trouble getting up on the bed or in any of our chairs and the floors are very cold so she’s not comfortable on the floor anymore. I think she would love this bed she wouldn’t have to climb on anything and wouldn’t have to lay on a cold floor anymore!

Emma-Louise Moir

For comfort

Staffordshire whippet
Pet's Age