Win a Scruffs® Noodle Drying Bundle: 5 to Giveaway!

This month, K9 Magazine has teamed up with Scruffs® to offer 5 lucky readers the chance to win a Scruffs®Noodle Drying Bundle (worth £39.98)!

Scruffs® Noodle Drying collection is extremely absorbent, easily soaking up excess moisture, enabling your dogs’ coat to dry quickly after a wet and muddy walk.

Micro-fibre chenille is used to produce the ‘noodles’. The micro-fibre material is made from millions of textured, ultrafine strands woven together to achieve a surface area that is much greater than the actual size of each product. This vast surface area gives each product its’ super-absorbent properties, soaking up water just like a sponge, as well as improving airflow, this means drying time is greatly reduced.

Products in this bundle include; Drying Mat, Drying Mitt and Drying Towel.

So what are you waiting for? To enter this giveaway all you have to do is comment on this post here leaving your email address hidden behind your username.

Good luck!

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Emma Bate

Austin ( malamute) and Kodi (Gsd) are often wet and muddy- this would really help to dry them off after wet autumn walkies

Lorna Elliot

Yes please!

Emma Bond

Great competition I’d love to win 🙂

Adelle McArthur

Roxy would love this x

Donna Lakin

These look absolutely perfect especially with the weather changing too keep our pups warm

tina saunders

fab prize!

Tracey Clarke

Would love to win this for my 2 year old maltese Bella

Angela Devine

My dog loves water but hates being dried. This looks a great idea.

Susan Barraclough

I have a mat and it is excellent. My dog loves to lay on it whilst drying off. I am sure the other products are just as good.

Jana Kosikova

I would love to win as my lab Honey loves water so gets wet at every opportunity.


This would be super helpful in drying off two long-coated Border Collies this winter! I’m sure there’s going to be plenty of rainy days and puddles to frolic in 🙂

karen gregory

As my yorkie x chihuahua is only small, but thoroughly enjoys exploring wet and muddy places, he picks up mud, grass, leaves very easily. They stick to his legs and belly and always needs a dry and a brush after most walks.

Angela Batchelor

I have a Westie that gets very muddy and wet in the winter especially on her tummy. These would be ideal to dry her quicker.

Clare Bancroft

My two big boys would really love a good rub down with these scruffs drying mitts. Please please please save my splashed muddy walls 🤞

Susan Ramsay

Looks fabulous

Brenda Macdonald

Great Prize

Nicholas Bootle


Diana Dohei

My dog would love to be able to get dry quickly after a bath or when she gets muddy and has to be hosed down. The mat looks so comfy.

yuna katz

looks like a great towel to dry my dog with!

Michelle beaumont

Fantastic freebie hope to win one

Jeanette Purvis

I find it a nightmare using a towel and bending over to try and rub her dry. She really don’t like this especially when you get to her head and face. Something that makes this easier and a pleasure for her would be perfect. Anything that makes bathtime fun not a horror moment would be great.

Nico's Legacy

We run a dog rescue and if we were to win the prize it would be very useful and gratefully received


Omg this would be amazing for my cocker whom comes back everyday wet his never out of water so to dry him quicker would be fantastic

bryanne Ineson

Would like to win because this old dog loves to learn new tricks!

C A Grant

Great looking set of cosy-dries for lucky pooches 😊

Trish Smith

Great items for my Oldies

mike stokes

I have a working cocker spaniel called Maisie who loves water and , at this time of year, gets wet just running through the grass. This Scruffs drying bundle would be great for making her comfortable before she gets in the car to come home.

Sue Beynon

Would love to win this for my verymucky cokapoo puppy – loves nothing better than running through puddles at speed!

Jo Lewis

I love noodles!!! 😊🐾🐕

Sharon Leicester

My welsh sheepdog Dusty just loves getting as wet & mucky as he can so this Scruffs drying bundle would be a godsend especially as moving to a nice new house. At the moment I just use any old towels to dry him off but are not very effective & he takes forever to get dry with being double coated. The Scruffs drying bundle will dry him off in a fraction of the time so he can come & sit with us on the sofa rather than being banished to his crate to dry!


I would love to win this for my retriever Xan, this would be perfect for him after one of our wet muddy walks, he would be a great companion in the desert he would find water anywhere!

Mary Tuft

With 8 rescues to dry off this would be wonderful!

Laura Creed

I would really love to win this Scruffy bundle because my dogs are pretty scruffy and have to have baths more than they would like as they have a penchant for rolling in the smelliest thing they can find. Micky hates the hairdryer but grudgingly sits there; I’m sure he would be forever grateful if he could get dry without!

Eleanor Catalina Stevens

Wow! Incredible! 🙂 This would be perfect for both my girls!