Win a SureFlap Microchip Cat Flap!

Sure Petcare, the pet products specialist, and Total Cat have teamed up to offer one lucky reader the chance to win a SureFlap Microchip Cat Flap and hub for your cat!

The Microchip Cat Flap Connect lets you stay connected to your pets from anywhere. Combined with the Sure Petcare Hub and app, it enables you to keep updated on your cats’ comings and goings, to see what they really get up to when you’re away from home!

Furthermore, owners can build up their cat’s behaviour, identifying any changes before they become an issue.

Used with the Sure Petcare App, the Microchip Cat Flap Connect is a direct drop in replacement for any cat flap and enables owners to:

  • Lock and unlock the door from anywhere
  • Receive notifications each time you cat enters or exits the cat flap
  • DualScanâ„¢ technology enables you to keep certain cats indoors whilst letting others come and go freely;

    – Curfew mode can be set to keep cats in at specific times.
    – Understand your cat’s patterns of activity are displayed using graphs within the app, making it easy to monitor your cat’s behaviour over time and spot changes which could be a sign of illness or distress.

The connection with your pet just got better! For more information visit

To be in for a chance to win your own Microchip Cat Flap Connect and hub, all you have to do is comment on this post here leaving your email address hidden behind your username.

Good luck!

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Kelly Newell

I would love to win this for my cat, Chicken. Here’s hoping

Hannah erskine

We have just adopted 2 rescue kittens and would love this!

Lee Cook

Fingers crossed

Mike Cuss

Perfect for our mischievous little cat !

Joe Avery

Looks great! Yes please!

Andy smith

Our cat flap has seen better days as we’ve got a rascal of a cat called ollie who decided to smash through the cat flap when a stray cat went into his marked territory so this would be a perfect replacement!:)

Shaunie Cresswell

My cats would love this!


Superb, gets the job done, no need to get into a flap over this flap ☺

carine michael

Finally a cat flap with a brain! Purrfect!

carine michael

I would like to win so my cat is finally free to come and go, without waking me with his strategically-targeting claws at 4 every morning x

Jen Marsden

Much needed for the scaredy cats


this would be great for my cats, living in the city, i like to make sure they’re in at certain times and monitor when they’re going out for ease of mind.


Great prize

Judith Clarke

I’d love one of these for my three cats before another visitor decides to take up residence in my conservatory 😄

Gill Husband-Major

This sounds a guaranteed way of keeping neighbourhood cats out of your house! My own cat Harley is quite timid and reacts really badly if he discovers there’s been an interloper. No matter how much I wash and deodorise the area he keeps sniffing for that other cat’s scent. This would make life so much better for him and help him to keep calm.

lisa townsend

To win this would be truly amazing. I would gift this to my cousin who has just found out her cat Meg is ill. She has been suffering seizures and has had to have mri scans. It would be so nice to win and make my fur family smile.


Bella will be so happy to go out in the garden

Kirsty Connor

Is this competition still open? Need a new catflap!


Often have kittens mother over and she loves coming and going at daft hours, cries at night to be let in so this flap would be ideal as there are a lot of cats in our neighbourhood so having a normal cat flap wouldn’t really be ideal.

Domestic short hair
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Linda Lyttle

Would love to win this for my cat Dennis

Pet's Age