Win a ‘Woof ‘n’ Wag’ Hamper of Goodies from PetSafe®!

No one can win hearts like man’s best friend, so to help celebrate International Dog Day, Wednesday 26th August, PetSafe® is giving one lucky reader the chance to win a ‘Woof ‘n’ Wag’ prize bundle to show our four legged furry friends just how much we care.

To help strengthen that special bond between you and your dog we’ve carefully selected three products to help enrich all aspects of your dog’s life like they enrich ours; playing, treating and keeping them healthy.

Busy Buddy new toys (1)

Keeping your dog engaged for longer periods of time, the fun Busy Buddy® Ultra Super Sub looks just like a sandwich – it even features two ultra-thick bacon flavoured treat rings!

Great for even the most determined of chewers, the Busy Buddy® Ultra Stratos holds two ultra-thick bacon flavoured treat rings, as well as a textured rubber centre for extra chewing satisfaction.

Busy Buddy new toys (3)

Busy Buddy® Ultra Woofer turns destructive chewing into positive playtime. The extra-wide ends of the Woofer protect a single ultra-thick bacon flavoured treat ring, engaging your dog for longer

Busy Buddy new toys (2)

Research shows that dogs prefer to drink from fresh running water. The Drinkwell® 360 Stainless Steel Pet Fountain creates free-flowing streams of water which entice your dog to drink more, keeping them happy and hydrated throughout the day.

DRINKWELL_360_Stainless Steel

To enter, all you have to do is comment on this post here leaving your email address hidden behind your username.

Good luck!

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Sara Barnard

Would love to win this to share between my three hounds.


please! X

Mike Lindley

I’d like to win as I’d like to see how many seconds it would take for our Jack Russell Ralph to chew his way through the Busy Buddy Ultra Stratos…

Patricia Lancurtis

I would love to win a hamper I’m sure my 2 dogs would love it


Busy brain, busy jaws, happy dog! My rottie would love playing with these things 🙂

Paige briggs

I love my pets

Donna Stephenson

I would love to win this for my newly rescued pug.

dawn walsh

because i love my staffie

joseph bonnette

i want this for my siberian husky she is 2 years old. she realy needs dog toys.

sarah muszynski

I would love to win this for my dog Harley, for all the happiness he brings me – would be nice to give something back which would hopefully keep him entertained


would really like to win one for my little girl

shelley malin

my holly would love these
she is very fussy when it comes to fresh water she hates it when its been sat there a while and im constantly having to refresh her bowl . as for the toys she love to chew on anything so these with the added treats would be wonderful for her

sylvia fadries

These toys would be ideal to keep the dogs at my local animal shelter occupied whilst in their kennels.

David Post

Most toys I give my German shepherd don’t last very long. He is a very affectionate & loving dog. He lives inside with my wife & I and I would love to give him a toy that maybe he would not tear up. We love him as if he was our own child.


Hi I am geting my first puppy in a few weeks and I was hoping I could win these toys for him to play with x


I have two staffs, both of which love chew toys. Unfortunately even the ‘premium’ tough toys don’t last too long. These toys sound great and I’d love to put them to the test. That fountain sounds awesome to! ^_^


love free stuff!



Janine Unsworth

I have a 5 month old working cocker spaniel who would go crazy for the freebies on offer.
Fingers and toes crossed!

kat scott

Would love to win this


This will be perfect… 🙂


Wud love dis for my doggies 🙂

sarah croft

woff woff from Ziggy


Dogs are for life and give us so much that we need to give back to them


This would be wonderful for my pup fingers crossed!

Jessica Sergeant

Could I please be in for a chance to win. Thank you


Me and my boyfriend just got two little puppy’s we have been looking for weeks on end and we ended up re-homing two six week old German Shepard pit bull mix I would love to receive toys and things for them so they can both live a wonderful happy life.


I’d like this offer for my puppy!

lewis potts

i would like to win this so i can help all of my rescued dogs that i saved.
I love saving dogs from the pound or wardens office

Valerie Perkins

Always looking for new rewards during my 3 rescue dogs play/training sessions.


I have a 8 month old husky who gets bored very easy and chews low quality toys but am unable to afford anything decent for her at the moment sadly. She would love it.


If we won my dogs would take no time ripping open the packaging to see the goodies inside

Lurcher and jrt
Pet's Age

These would be wonderful for my new wee pup!!

Pet's Age
Maimie Mcdade

These woukd keep him entertained and look interesting

Pet's Age