Win an iFetch Automatic Ball Thrower!

This month we’re celebrating all things fun for the festive season and have an iFetch Automatic Ball Thrower to win! Ideal for small dogs, the iFetch is the world’s first indoor or outdoor use automatic ball launcher is operated by your dog with no need for human intervention so you can keep your throwing arm rested for another day.

iFetch dog toy (small)

The iFetch can be pre-programmed to throw balls 10ft, 20ft and 30ft, it uses 1.5” miniature tennis balls so is suitable for smaller breeds. Comes with a set of 3 balls to get you and your dog started.

To enter, all you have to do is comment on this post here leaving your email address hidden behind your username.

Good luck!

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Karen Howell

My German shepherd Themba is mad on balls and this would be the ideal toy to keep him happy & fit

alexi hopkinson

I would love to win this for my cutest dog poppy roger, we have 5 pets in the house and sometimes she gets left out, which is wrong so we are starting to spend lots more time with her, she loves attention and playing especially with toy balls this would be great for her as my mum has to look after small children so she could leave the dog playing with this while she looks after the children.

joanne lockwood

I just saw this and it sounds like my dog would have fun

Gina Beck

I would love this for my ball mad Patterdale Terrier

Patricia Young

This looks a brillant toy for any active dog! I would so love to have one just to see if it would encourage my Finnish Spitz Daisy to actually fetch a ball back!


is the coolest thing I ever sow for a dog that loves playing ball

Bev Morris

This would be great to keep our hyper crossbread busy.

cynthia newton

I would love to win the iFetch for my dog. She is young, playful, and super energetic! This would be the perfect toy for her needs. 🙂

Hannelie Steenkamp

Awesome. I have had operations on both my knees two years ago, it is very difficult to play with my dogs, Basjan 1yr 5mnths, and Libbie, 9 years. Basjan especially loves playing “catch” and this will be our perfect solution!!

Sue Rawlinson

I would love to win this because I know it would give my little Jack Russell ‘Milly’ hours of fun! She would spend all day if we had the time to sit there waiting for her ball to be thrown and then she fetches it back and drops it in your lap, over and over again. I know she would soon learn to use this clever device and it would save me a lot of time having to sit for ages playing the game. It would be great in the garden too in the summer. I think it is a fabulous invention and will sell really well!!
Sue x


I often dog sit for my daughters dogs and find that they like to be kept busy…….. however, after playing throwing and fetching numerous times, I have no peace. This little gadget would keep the dogs entertained while I get chance to enjoy a cuppa and a read of my K9 magazine.

Please choose me!! xx


I really need this as one of my two dogs is constantly bugging me to throw the ball for her. I take both of them to the park let them off the lead, they run like mad for ten hours. And as soon as we get home the first thing she does is get her ball for me to throw for her…… ;-(


My maltese is very hyper and always bouncing around. He is never tired and continuasly throwing toys can get annoying.


Loved this video my two wee dogs would love it they sat and watched the video too and looked at me as if to say where is ours xxxx

Valerie Parnes

I am an Event Organiser for Maccabi GB, which is a sports and youth charitable organisation and because of my love of dogs, I am organising a Community Dog Walk on Sunday 10th May in Mill Hill Park London NW7 to raise funds for our Challenge Tour to Israel for young people with special needs.

To win an IFetch machine would be amazing and would make a fantastic raffle prize. We hope to have about 100 dogs attend the event and I am sure the prize will attract a lot of interest!


Got two dogs

Jacque Willingham

I would like to win as my granddaughter has just got a new puppy with whom she loves so much, they play constantly, the puppy is just like your picture



Sonya candelin

I think my puppy would love this.


Wow my boston would go mad for this she loves fetch it would be perfect for distracting her away from the dinner table at tea time he he and if we leave her for trips to the shops, school pick ups etc. This would keep her entertained for ages just make sure you have a full water bowl near by!

Natalie Drurey

My Jack Russell is always full of beans. After a long walk all she needs is a nap & she is back in the mood for playtime. I on the other hand take slightly longer to get my grove back. The ball launcher would be ideal for her & perfect for me. She would love this.


We have a SBT who is 14months. He is ball obsessed and would love this as it would occupy him for ages.

Melissa Reynolds

My dog loves to fetch.

Bev Nicholson

Yes please

Angela Holloway

We have just rescued a border collie puppy found wandering without food and water, covered in fleas. She is now called Olive and lives with my elderly mum. The one thing she loves to do is play ball but as my mum has rheumatism this would make both of their lives easier.


Omg this is needed in my home and will give my dogs endless fun ☺️

Valerie Perkins

Wow, automatic dog play!


My new wee pup would just love this!!!

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