Win Pet Munchies Training Treats!

Pet Munchies, makers of premium gourmet dog treats, have teamed up with K9 Magazine to offer 7 lucky readers the chance to win three packs of their popular training treats for your dogs to enjoy.

Made from quality, human grade real meat, Pet Munchies treats are packed full of natural goodness for your dog without artificial additives and are available in three varieties:

  • Chicken
  • Sushi
  • Liver & Chicken

Gluten free, naturally low in fat and carbohydrates, high in protein and very nutritious – Pet Munchies treats are ‘sealed with a Dogs approval’.

Find out more about the delicious and nutritious low fat Pet Munchies treat range online at

So delay no longer! Enter our competition to win one of Pet Munchies salmon treat bundles brimming with natural goodness and treat your dog to something they’re sure to love. All you have to do is comment on this post here leaving your email address hidden behind your username.

Good luck!

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I am still training my rescue terrier and treats are so handy. I would love to win some please x

Adrian Wales

Would love to treat my dog to these

Ann Cluck

My Lady Girl says she would love to win these!!! She needs training!!

Audrey Billingham

Great, good food which my dog will enjoy as a reward/treat !

jeanette fossum

i have a Dobe and two Papillons. i always look for great dog treats, nothing from china, mexico, etc. always have to be care of ingredients. don’t want my pets getting sick.

Linda Stratigou

Kim is a very discerning dog and will only eat the best quality food and treats so I think he will enjoy trying something new.

Tim Oliver

I love to spoil my little sweatpea when I ever I can. It’s even better when other people want to spoil her too.

Pamela Slater

My 6 dogs would love to try these new treats


My girl just loves treats.

Cindy Rosewarne

We have three dogs in our family who are just dying to try these treats!

Claire Holtey

I would like to win because I am just a treat dispenser for my three dogs!

Hendrika Rodriguez

I have just adopted a little male Chihuahua puppy and he is in real need of training. I know he is a baby and I am just teasing but my goodness, he is a bundle of energy and I love him with all my heart! I also just lost my 17 year old male Chihuahua this month which was devastating. I had him from 8 weeks old until he reached 17 years old. I felt as though I had lost a child. Now I have my new baby Miracle to teach a few of the basic good behavior steps. I sure hope I win! Thank you everybody!


I’d love to win these as I have the best dogs in the world and they deserve the best treats!

toni farkas

My dogs would love to try these. they are all in love with treats.

Sue Harrison

Know some small furry critters that would love me to win these and might even persuade them to listen to me once in a while – or at least until the treats were all gone!!

susan george

this is a brilliant site for dog lovers, this post shows how you can treat your dog healthly.

Claire Bloomfield

My dogs could all do with having a nice treat.

Marion Mansi

Would love to win these training treats for my slightly overweight dog who needs lots of training.

Susan Foot

We like these treats
They’re gluten free
And full of flavour
Just you see!

Yolande Bender

Hahaha. I may need your entire stock before my mischievous dog behaves.

Andy Critchell

My two girls love these


My dog will defo come back to me in the park with these treats! Shes a runner lol

anna hewitt

Would love to try these, my pooch has epilepsy so were trying an additive free diet to reduce fits and these sound perfect x

ann bracegirdle

Always good to have a change of treat and these take the biscuit

Carrie-anne Hill

When is comes to dog products my dog is extremely fussy so I’m always looking for high value treats that won’t leak all over me.

Evelyn Stace

Phinn and Benny will obey all commands to get their jaws around Pet Munchies! They’re crossing their paws in anticipation!! x

Colleen Tautari

Simba would love to try these treats

michelle moon

I can see my dogs stealing these when they think I am not looking


my dog would love to try these they look yum…
he will do one of his extra special sits for these

Laura Creed

I’d love to win these as my dogs have never tried them before, and I think they deserve a little surprise this Christmas! I love the fact these treats are natural and nutritious!


I need these! Shade wont come back unless I’ve got a tasty treat in my hand!!! Lol

joseph harris

My dogs love to eat fish