10 Copies of ‘Following Atticus’ To Giveaway!

Tom Ryan is a middle-aged, overweight, no-nonsense newspaper editor. But when Atticus M. Finch, a Miniature Schnauzer, arrives, he is forced to question everything about his life. Wanting to raise money in memory of a friend who died of cancer, Tom decides that they will both climb 48 of New Hampshire’s mountains during a single winter – twice. What awaits the pair is the adventure of a lifetime and K9 Magazine are delighted to offer readers the chance to win a copy of this fantastic tale.

In an enchanting but dangerous winter wonderland, they face raging blizzards, frostbite and storms. It is a rare test of endurance that soon becomes a soul-searching journey. And then, within a month of returning home, tragedy strikes. Atticus goes blind, and the blood tests suggest something even worse. Now facing an even greater challenge, Tom and Atticus undertake a journey through darkness and into light. Following Atticus is a heart-warming story of friendship, selflessness, redemption – and above all, love.

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