10 Copies Of Goodnight Buffy To Giveaway!

This month K9 Magazine is delighted to offer readers the chance to win a copy of Goodnight Buffy written by Thomasina Price – the story is about a remarkable Lakeland Terrier called Buffy who fought many illnesses, including a rare cancer. Found in a shop doorway, Buffy had a traumatic beginning. The young girl who found her and took her in died of cancer, and so Buffy came to Thomasina, and was loved and cared for until her death.

She was infuriating and inspiring, funny and cunning, from being smart enough to use her surgical collar as a scoop, to learning to use a ‘boo!’ sort of ‘woof!’, to frighten the living daylights of a delivery man. Thomasina’s own failing health meant that sometimes they were ill together; Buffy taught her to fight back and gave her a reason to carry on. A rare cancer was found in Buffy’s leg when she was already suffering from a slipped disc.

Goodnight Buffy

To save Buffy, they had to save her leg. The Animal Health Trust in Suffolk helped Buffy survive and she took the record for recovery time. Buffy went on to live for many years and became an astonishing and astute dog.

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