10 Copies Of Triggs: The Autobiography Of Roy Keane’s Dog To Giveaway!

Triggs: TV lover, noted wit, neurotic, hypochondriac, football genius and best friend to the most notorious footballer of his generation, and this month K9 Magazine has teamed up with Orion Books to offer 10 lucky readers the chance to win their very own copy of this fun book.

Whether leading Manchester United to the treble or telling Mick McCarthy to shove the World Cup up his posterior, Roy Keane was seldom out of the news.  For more than ten years, through good times and bad, he could always rely on his friendship with his ever-faithful Labrador Retriever, Triggs.  Their walks became the stuff of rolling news legend.  But what did they talk about on those famous days when they took the air while being chased by a media pack?

Now, in his own words, Triggs tells his own part in the glories and controversies that marked his master’s career.  Triggs was only a pup when he discovered, whilst watching TV one day in 1998, that he could read a football match “like a virtuoso can read a five-line staff”.  But the brilliant but idiosyncratic dog preferred to avoid the headlines and leave the adulation to his master.

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