10 Micro Pets-i To Give Away

Tipped to become the must have toy 0f 2010, the Micro Pets-i are the newest version of the toy craze for tiny pets from manufactures TOMY.

The palm-sized pets, that move, talk and sing by responding to your child’s hand movements by using the latest innovation in micro technology, look set to be the big toy hit of 2010.

The Micro Pets-i, are available in nine miniature ‘cats’, ‘dogs’ and ‘bears’.

The tiny toys, which use ‘Artificial Intelligence’ sensors so children can control the pets using a special ball, not only move and think like they’re alive, but they can also help develop ‘nurturing’ instincts as the child learns how to train them.

Aimed at children aged between six and nine, the cute creatures, with names like “Chocolate”, “Pudding”, “Rose”, “Whip” and “Milk”, are also a great tool for parents teaching kids how to care for real life pets.
But it’s not only your child Micro Pets-i interact with – they also sing to each other.

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