10 Pots of Flex Sprinkle To Giveaway!

If only our dogs could talk they would ask you to enter K9 Magazine’s giveaway to win a one of 10 x 50g pots of Flex Sprinkle (worth £16.70 each)!

It is very likely that your dog will be among the 8 out of 10 that suffer the pain of arthritis and stiffness either because of ageing, the long term effects of dysplasia or even as a result of an accident. Naturally, you will want to reduce that discomfort.

Flex Sprinkle, despite its friendly name, is the most technically advance premium joint supplement available and is rapidly becoming recognised as the most effective and safest way to improve your dog’s quality of life.

Flex Sprinkle

Flex Sprinkle contains a new grade of New Zealand Green Lipped Mussel that is 5 times as effective as the budget high street brands. It is a powerful natural anti-inflammatory and also provider of natural glucosamine and chondroitin.

It is no wonder that Vets increasingly promote it as part of the treatment for joint and mobility cases, often as an alternative to prescription meds but also to reduce the side effects of prescription anti inflammatories.

Results are rapid and wide reaching. About 90% of dog owners see a marked improvement in their dogs – and effects are often reported within just a few days.

Flex Sprinkle is clean and easy to feed – just sprinkle a scoop-full on your dog’s food each day. Economical as well!

Our Ace Canine Healthcare website explains why Flex Sprinkle is becoming the Number 1 joint care product and contains far more information than we have room for here …….read more about Flex Sprinkle joint care

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Good luck!

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My border collie is 13 year old and loves to run with her football but we have had to cut her playing time in half .She has arthritis in her back legs and can hardly walk after running .I would like to try flex sprinkle and see if it helps her . Thank you J Sutcliffe .

Helen Highland

Our young lab has just been diagnosed with mild hip dysplasia and arthritis and have been recommened these for our dog. So would love to try them .

roger gerrish

flex sprinkle recomended by a friend

June Gadsby

I am heavily involved in supporting animal refuges here in South-west France where the conditions are abominable, with no comfort, open cages with no heating and no money except what private associations raise by their constant hard work. Some of our ageing dogs have very little quality of life once rheumatism sets in. It would be so good to publicise your product to my many contacts in the canine world. Many thanks for reading this.

Pauline foster

Due to the fact my 13year old Lakeland terrier is struggling to go for walk with me and her brother early morning and feel gutted leaving her at home and would love for her to join us .heard that sprinkle flex is very good but being a pensioner its expensive so need to to be sure it works before purchasing

Avani patel

Sounds like I need to try this product for my 11 yr old German Shepherd who is now limping with his arthritis. Do I qualify for a free trial pot?

I B Owens

Would love to try this product for my dog who has problems with her back legs/knee joints

Sally shearman

My dog has stiff joints and although he enjoys going. Out for a run he often ends up limping. I would love him to be able to enjoy a good walk and run

Denise Griffiths

Is this ok for dogs that have had problems with cruciate ligament