10 RuffDawg Packs of Toys from PetSport UK To Win!

To announce the launch of the two new RuffDawgâ„¢ ranges of toys – the Stick and Twig and the all new Spikey, PetSport UK are thrilled to offer K9 Magazine readers the chance to win a one of 10 packs of toys which include: RuffDawg Spikey, RuffDawg Bone, RuffDawg Stick, RuffDawg Ball and Fetch K9 Bubbles!

The RuffDawg products comprise of a range of colourful, soft but durable rubber toys, most of which float in water, and accessories including foldable, dishwasher-proof bowls and for real fun and games, the K9 infused bubble solutions fit the bill.

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Valerie Perkins

I have play/training sessions with my 3 rescue dogs every day, always looking for new rewards.


Womble is a 10 months old spaniel springer full of joy=energy. She loves sea side long walks in to the woods, on the beach always carrying chosen toy. unfortunately they won’t last long;( if they are not ripped apart they drowning in the sea or lake. Womble would love such a great present as new -not drowning toys🥰🐾

Spaniel Springer
Pet's Age