20 PetSafe® Busy Buddy® Bristle Bones® To Win!

All dogs need to take a little time out to have fun! PetSafe®, has teamed up with K9 Magazine to give away 20 Busy Buddy® Bristle Bones® in medium size. The durable nylon bristles and rubber nubs provide dogs with a unique chewing experience and the tasty, replaceable Gnawhide treat rings ensure longer lasting playtime.

The Bristle Bone has been designed so that it is impossible for dogs to gorge on treats. The toy unscrews to load treats and clean and each Bristle Bone comes with two sets of Gnawhide treat rings.

For more information visit www.petsafe.net

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i would like some free toys for my dogs.

Katie Bridgeman

Would love to win these for my labs there only 9 months and would give them something safe to chew on


This would keep my new wee pup entertained for ages!

Pet's Age