24 Bottles of Johnson’s Manuka Honey 2-in-1 Shampoo & Conditioner to Giveaway!

K9 Magazine are celebrating Autumn by offering 24 lucky readers the chance to win a trial bottle of the newest addition to the Johnson’s range, their Manuka Honey 2-in-1 Shampoo & Conditioner.

Johnson’s shampoos, grooming aids, and coat and skin preparations are among the most popular products sold by pet stores and are all of high quality to be kind and gentle to coat and skin. As with all Johnson’s products they have been developed without cruelty to animals.

Manuka Honey 2-in-1 Shampoo & Conditioner is a premium shampoo, suitable for all animals including dogs, cats and small pets. Also it is ideal for use with horses to cleanse and condition coat and skin.

The shampoo is formulated to provide soothing, cleansing, deodorising and conditioning of all types of coat, leaving it feeling soft, glossy, tangle-free and smelling fresh. It is calming and soothing for pets with sensitive skin and with its natural anti-bacterial qualities, can help to alleviate skin problems caused by insect bites, flea infestation and dry skin conditions, etc. It is particularly suitable for use with terriers and other breeds, which may have greasy fur and skin.

So delay no longer, enter our giveaway today! All you have to do is comment on this post here leaving your email address hidden behind your username.

Good luck!

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Leanne holland

My dog needs a good wash!


I would love to try this. As i am always trying to get better shampoos for my Charlie. as she is long haired.

amy fidler

Just what i need to make my cat Foster smelling/feeling better x


Sounds great would love to try this on kauto

E Bowler

With two large dog that have long coats that like nothing more than rolling in disgusting things I need a shampoo that will leave them tangle free and smelling great.


we have 6 dogs with different fur types so would love to try it.. plus I really love Mango!

Sandy pasco

Would like to try something different


Would like to wins this as I have a new puppie and haven’t found shampoo that smells nice yet 🙂

Tim Oliver

Holly may like running after seagulls on the fields and playing all day with a mountain of toys. But at the end of the day she still a little lady who likes to look and smell good.


Fingers crossed!

Jessica Livermore

I need to win because I am a first time dog opening who is trying desperately hated to find out what is best for her pup!

belinda atkinson

my rescue staffy is one years and is white he has very sensitive skin which he gets spots if he eats cereal/wheat, so he is on fish diet, I wanted to shampoo him and not sure I wanted to use one that would irritate his condition, your product looks ideal, would love one please

Andy Critchell

This works wonders on my two girls skin & coat

Julie Corden

My dog suffers from dry skin and deserves a treat or two in his old age. He’s my best friend and I love him to bits.

sylvia fadries

My Lurcher loves romping through long grass, piles of leaves and rolling on her back on the grass plus having a swim, Not to forget rolling in poo. Fox poo is like a magnet to her and you know how that smell can linger. Please let me win so we can try and get our friends back! LOL

Mrs Michelle Gray

I have a 5 year old Tibetan terrier. He currently uses luscious long for his flowing locks and he has very long flowing locks.


I don’t have loads of money and I love my doggy very much I try to give her everythink she needs and she is my beat friend if I won this it would be my thanks to her for being the worlds besteat friend ever

anna hewitt

Would love to try this, not sure my dog would agree, he doesn’t like bath night, a frozen lake – yes, a muddy puddle fine a nice warm bath – no way x

Maggie Dawson

Always use Manuka honey as an alternative to prescription antibiotics. Would love to try it in a shampoo

ann bracegirdle

Lovely for a soft sily coat

Carrie-anne Hill

Would love to win this as other Johnsons shampoos and conditioners have so far been among few brands I’ve tried that haven’ caused his dermatitis to flare up and the Manuka Honey range isn’t one I’ve come across in my local pet shop yet.

michelle moon

This would be great for my smelly dogs

Susannah Leggatt

Both my dogs love rootling in mud, they always need a good bath 🛀


please help my smelly dog transform into a mango smelling pooch, he love nothing more than finding the muddyist puddle to roll around in – nothing I have used previously has seemed to shift the doggy smell

Laura Creed

I would LOVE to win this as both my dogs have dermatitis and I have so many problems trying to buy a shampoo that doesn’t irritate their skin. I know manuka honey has amzing healing properties. The fact that the shampoo is calming and soothing for pets with sensitive skin and has natural anti-bacterial qualities, which can help to alleviate skin problems caused by insect bites, flea infestation and dry skin conditions, etc. sounds absolutley perfect for my dogs – they are both terriers too, and I would really love to give them both a non itchy Christmas and start to the New Year!

Jessica Sergeant

Yes please, I would like to test this on my dog please