3 PetSafe Universal Pet Bed Warmers To Win

PetSafe, the industry leader in modern and innovative pet training and lifestyle products, has launched an ideal Christmas gift for pampered pets and are delighted to offer K9 Magazine readers the chance to take advantage of their competition!

The Universal Pet Bed Warmer gives owners the opportunity to transform their pet’s favourite bed from ordinary to extraordinary. The pad features a controlled therapeutic pad, layered for extra comfort and perfect for warmth in the winter months. The product has a chew resistant cord and a low voltage power adapter with a water-resistant vinyl cover for easy cleaning.

The bed warmer is ideal for all pets, from younger animals which need security and warmth, to older pets which may suffer from joint problems.

For more information about the PetSafe Universal Pet Bed Warmer, please visit www.petsafe.net.

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They all love to sleep on radiator or my.hot water bottle. X

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