3 Scruffs® Snuggle Winter Wonderland Blankets to Win!

The Scruffs® Snuggle Winter Wonderland Blanket is a great Christmas gift for any dog owner and this month we have 3 of these fabulous blankets to win! Would you like one?

The reversible design provides a soft, plush lining for cold snuggle days and a short-pile cover for warmer days. The blankets hollow fibre core means however you decide to use the blanket your pet will remain comfortable.

The Snuggle Winter Wonderland Blanket measures 110 x 75cm (43in x 29.5in) and is machine washable.

So what are you waiting for? Enter our giveaway to win one today! All you have to do is comment on this post here leaving your email address hidden behind your username.

Good luck!

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I would love to win one of these as my dog Lady is 10 now and feels the cold – she is always stealing the duvet and I would love to be able to give her an irresistible snuggly blanket of her own – she would LOVE one of these!!!

Mariella Gomez

My little Elizabeth loves to cuddle and needs a new cuddle blanket.


My Dog Jake Will Love The Snuggle Winter Wonderland blanket

Jama Brown

I would love to win a dog bed for my Granddog son Sam Wise ! He’s a 5 yr old golden retriever . His Dad is a musician and Sam stays with me a lot ! I don’t have him a bed and he needs one badly . He’s the 3rd golden in the family . Our other Golden’s have had bad hips due to arthritis . So I hate when Sam just lays on floor . Your dog bed would be more than appreciated, I want him to not suffer the same disease as the others . Thanks and hope to win for Sam Wise !

christa mcguire

My pup Max is almost 8 now and is getting older and this would max him more comfortable in his bed…..he’d love it!

Clare Gibbons

They look gorgeous and my cavapoo would love one!

Miranda Wisel

I would really like this for my dog


My puppy Jack would love this, he spends most of his day tucked away under a blanket!


I would love to have one

Sharon V Kidd

The article was very informative. My grandson has epilepsy and has just received a puppy. He has seizures and he lives with me. I am on a fixed income (retired) and cannot afford items that are needed for his new puppy. Being able to receive this blanket for his puppy would be a blessing. Thank you.

Alicia Mundell

I would like to win a dog blanket & dog bed for my cocker spaniel Maggie-Mae. She’s my world & she has had a horrible life before we rescued her. I’m trying to give her everything she’s never gotten from her previous owners. Me & my husband are both disabled & have fallen on hard times but we are giving her lots of love & would love to give her lots of comfort that she has never gotten. It would be a wonderful Christmas gift for her. Thank you.

Jackie Milton

Jimmie is 11 was and always loves a snuggle in her blanket she would love this

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My wee pup would love snuggling into this beautiful blanket in the autumn and winter months

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Linda Lyttle

Dixie would love this she is very small about 4 pounds so she stays cold all the time.

Tee cup
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Linda Lyttle

Dixie would love this she is 4 pounds and stays cold

Kirsty 😘

Would love one of these as just bought a puppy and he loves snuggling and don’t wnat him on couch so this would be ideal for him
To sit on couch with x

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Catherine Gordon

My elderly girl would love this to snuggle up next to me on the sofa, she desperately wants to be close to me as she has got older she depends on me more and wants that comfort and closeness

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Leticia OReilly

This would be grate for my little staff pup coming home to her new family in February ❤️

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Sarah Sharp

New puppy needs extras always

German shepherd
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