5 Copies of Exercising Your Puppy To Win!

This issue K9 Magazine have teamed up with publishers Hubble & Hattie to offer 5 lucky readers the chance to win a copy of Exercising Your Puppy. Whether you’ve just bought your first puppy, or are an experienced dog breeder, this book is essential reading. A detailed outline of how puppies develop physiologically, together with appropriate exercises for them at each relevant stage of their puppyhood, helping ensure good balance, mobility and health throughout your dog’s life.

Different breeds develop at different paces, and all the exercises covered in this book are ‘soft’ exercises – meaning that the puppy dictates what he or she can do. By adopting a more natural exercise regime, puppy owners can encourage appropriate and robust development of their dog’s muscular and skeletal framework, thus assisting good mobility from puppyhood through to adulthood. From alleviating stress on developing joints using obstacle negotiation, to how and when to massage your puppy, this is a comprehensive guide, suitable for beginners and experienced dog owners alike.

• A unique view on natural exercise for your puppy
• Contains great ideas to incorporate into your daily routine
• Simple and easy to understand instructions
• Suitable for puppies and dogs of all sizes
• Includes puppy massage techniques
ISBN: 978-1-845843-57-1

Hardback • 112 pages • 116 colour and b&w pictures • £12.99 UK/$24.95 USA

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