5 Copies Of Giant George: Life with the Biggest Dog in the World To Win!

This month K9 Magazine have teamed up with book publishers Simon & Schuster to offer 5 lucky readers the chance to win their very own copy of this heart-warming tale, ‘Giant George: Life with the Biggest Dog in the World’. If you loved Marley and Me, this is a STORY for you!

In 2006, Dave and Christie Nasser welcomed a Great Dane puppy into their lives – the runt of a litter of thirteen who won over the hearts of his new owners with his soulful blue eyes. They named him George and he swiftly changed their lives. In February 2010 George was officially crowned tallest dog ever by the Guinness Book of World Records. Standing at almost five feet tall and seven feet long, George has come to dominate the Nassers’ home. He has grown from a quivering misfit into a goofy giant – eager to play with everyone and boisterous to the point of causing chaos. Yet George is a big softie – a gentle giant frightened of water, of dogs a fraction of his size, and of being left alone.

This is the full heart-warming story of Dave and Christie’s life with George – his likes and dislikes, his diet, habits and quirks. It’s also the story of their love for each other, of their struggle to start a family and of how they’ve had to adapt their home to accommodate their extraordinary pet.

Read an extract of this fantastic book below:

Nothing, basically, was off limits to our dog, so we had to have eyes in the back of our heads. Not only could he reach the counter, he could reach the back of the counter – unsurprisingly, since he could get his whole head in the sink. So it wasn’t just a case of moving things out of his reach, but of putting everything away. It was either that or have things up so high on the walls that Christie couldn’t
reach them herself. Once again, we knew this because we tested it out. We were exploring new territory all the time.

And it wasn’t just food that attracted George’s interest; he’d also developed a passion for the sound of the doorbell. He would have made a brilliant recruit for Pavlov – it was textbook conditioning. He’d learned, as puppies do, that the doorbell meant visitors. And visitors meant new things to smell, and lots of stroking. Visitors meant fun and a whole load of attention. So when the doorbell rang, George jumped – all one hundred and eighty pounds of him – to go see what was up. And when one hundred and eighty pounds of excited dog is on a mission, very little is going to stand in his way.


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