5 Copies of ‘Hey Dog! Sniffs are for Feet!’ to Giveaway

This month K9 Magazine has teamed up with the Book Guild to offer five lucky readers the chance to win a copy of ‘Hey Dog! Sniffs are for Feet!’

‘Hey Dog! Sniffs are for Feet!’ helps the average pet owner to deal with the potential difficulties in introducing a small child into a household with a dog or vice versa.

Divided into four chapters with several sections in each, the book approaches the topic beginning with pregnancy then moving through arrival of the baby, the toddler in the house and finally, the growing child. It covers the importance of safety in the home and raising your child to show consideration and respect toward the canine member of the family.

Remembering the needs of the dog is also an important theme that runs through the book.

Using gentle humour in the form of cartoons and written with practicality in mind, ‘Sniffs’ doesn’t preach or lay down rules but presents options to consider in a way the author hopes will increase safety and save some anxiety in the lives of all – the parent, the child and the dog.

Available from Book Guild, Amazon and all good bookshops.

Enter our competition to win a copy of ‘Hey Dog! Sniffs are for Feet!’ today!

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Good luck!

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