5 Copies Of Tricks And Games To Teach Your Dog To Giveaway!

Does your much-loved pet have a rather limited repertoire? Well, now you can combine play with trick-training and have plenty of fun, too. Sophie Collins, the best-selling author of Why Does My Dog Do That? brings you positive, friendly raining methods that help you bond with your canine companion. This month K9 Magazine has 5 copies of Tricks And Games To Teach Your Dog to giveaway!

A chapter on rainy day tricks has ideas to keep you both occupied and out of trouble, even when you have to stay indoors – whether you pick the dog-friendly ‘Tin of Treats’ or the crowd-pleasing ‘Are You Ashamed of Yourself?’, there’ll be something here to keep you both happily occupied until the sun comes out again.

Ever wondered how smart your dog is? He’s your beloved pet, so you’ve always believed he’s super intelligent, but have you ever tested him? The tricks in the ‘mind games’ section will encourage him to think for himself and to try to figure out what it is that you want him to do, too.

A full range of safe, imaginative games and easy-to-teach tricks guarantees that there’s something here for every dog, whatever their breed, age or temperament, from the simple to the challenging. Put the joy back into your playtime – and amaze and impress your family and friends!

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