5 Sets Of Of The Smug Pug, The Poodle Problem & The Dotty Dalmatian To Win!

This month, win all three books in Anna Wilson’s Pooch Parlour series The Poodle Problem, The Dotty Dalmatian and the third and final book in the series The Smug Pug, which has just been published.

PoochPSmugPug300 PoochPPoodleProblem300 PoochPDottyDalmatian300

In Pooch Parlour pampered pet salon meets canine detective agency – dogs get glammed up and mysteries get solved! Join Pippa Peppercorn and Dash the dachshund as they get to the bottom of the strange goings on in Crumbly-under-Edge. A bonkers and magical series bursting with pets, laughs and friendship – the perfect read for animal loving kids.

For more information check out www.panmacmillan.com or www.annawilson.co.uk

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