Cesars Way – Dog Whisperer Book

Cesar Milan is known as the ‘Dog Whisperer’. His show has become a huge North American TV hit.


Now he has a book out which is described as:

“The Natural, Everyday Guide to Understanding and Correcting Common Dog Problems”

 We’ve got 5 copies to give away.

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I have aproblem dog when out walking with other dogs so I thought this maybe helpful


with 2 delinquent boxers this may be very useful


As a dog trainer I am always eager to keep my knowledge up to date. Looking at other trainers methods allows me to ensure I give the best possible service to owners.


Written by a man who could understand dogs before he could understand English and has used this talent to save many dogs from the brink of unneccesary destruction. Why would any serious dog lover not want to read it!


with 10 chihuahua’s i think this would come in very handy


I love dog books and this book sounds as though it may help me get to know my dog better.

Julie Hasler

I think Cesar is great having seen his shows on Sky and would really enjoy this read.


I’ve watched his shows on Sky and am fascinated by the different approach he takes (and shocked that some Americans think a 15min walk once a week is enough!) I hope to use his ideas for the dog training class I teach – especially for the rescued dogs.


I have two terriers who could benefit greatly by Cesar’s teaching methods


Have 1 rescue cat and 2 rescue dogs, 1 rescue dog an absolute Saint and the other 6 1/2 month old terrible hooligan, 90% food motivated and am trying at the moment unsuccessfully to train him to be cat friendly but proving very difficult as think he may have been trained to chase cats his background mostly unknown. I know I will eventually get there (please God) but think this book may well be an answer to my prayers. Please consider me – thanks.


Have x 2 rescue dogs. 1 six year old girlie who is proving to be a Saint and 1 6 1/2 month old JRT X who has been here 5 weeks and is a hooligan. Also have one rescue cat who the new arrival is not at all keen on. No history of his past but think he may have been trained to chase cats. Is very food possessive which is no fun for my 6 year old rescued girlie saint. Am getting there slowly with the foot but think the cat may be bigger problem. This book would I believe be a HUGE help. Please consider me and them. Thanks.


I have a big problem dog. This might be our only solution to the trouble she causes


I am alway’s looking for interesting training tips


Any new reading on training dog’s I would love..


My dog is very dominent i think that this book would help


I enjoy watching the programme on tv and with three unruly dogs its about time I got some help training them!


i have got 1 of my dogs from a badly treated home and think he would benifit from this kind of training


I am unable to watch the programmes on TV but have heard so much good about this man that I would love to read his book to learn more about my relationship with my dogs.


please help me understand my pack, the ranking is all over the place and definatley not good for them or me.


My labrador suffers from separation anxiety. I have seen “the Dog Whisperer” on TV and Cesar seems to be able to help even the most problem dogs, so I think his book would help us.


i have a stubborn bichon and need some tips and advice on how to remain leader of the pack. i adore Cesar Milan and think his book could really help me.


A friend recommended this book saying it’s quite good. Would love to read it.


I Have got a large 7 month old puppy who is abit of a handful and one of my friends suggested to read up on Cesar Milan as they think he is great. I think this book would be a great help to me as I will be able to understand how to be the pack leader


Brilliant, I’ve read all of Jan fennel’s stuff and have employed the concepts very successfully with my dog. Any further development would be MUCH appreciated.


We can all keep learning from books, even if we get confused some of the time. Lots of different ideas to choose from really help.


I have just bought a staffy puppy she is eight weeks old and is already feeling her feet to the point she can become very aggresive when excite I would like to know the proper way to train her from the begining before she gets to many bad habits.


We’ve gone and created our very own pack by choosing to keep two of our English Bull Terrier’s puppies. Two females and a male in the same house – and a breed that can be incredibly stubborn at times. What have we let ourselves in for? This man is a genius; I’m sure there’s a wealth of advice just waiting to be revealed on every page.


wow,wow,wow.i want this 10plus.we watch his show every night on sky,even our dog tilly loves him and we use his techniques.this would help soooo much.im very excited.


i have a 7 month old husky for which i would love to be able to use Ceaser techniques with. I am doing a canine studies diploma and this book would be an excelleny reference guide for me in my studies as well as a good tool for my career in dog training.