Halti Headcollars – 5 Available

halti.jpgFrom The Company Of Animals

The Halti Headcollar designed to stop dog¹s from pulling, is the world¹s favourite Headcollar.

Available in black, red, blue & brown and six sizes, to ensure an optimum fit.

The Halti Training Lead is a multi-functional lead, which is made from soft black padded webbing and available in two widths.

For sizing information please visit our website: www.companyofanimals.co.uk

When entering, please remember to state size & colour required for Halti and Halti Training Lead

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Julie Hasler

My Collie Cross and I would certainly benefit from one of these in a Size 2 in black colour. The lead in the widest width.

This would give us both a pleasant walk instead of a frustrating one!


My Boxer pulls on the lead and we have already tried a few different types of harness. She would need a size 3, padded if possible and black.


i have a cavalier king charles spaniel and is the only 1 know to pull like he does and the kids love to walk him but this would make life so much easier dont know what size he would need he is only small and in black, blue or brown thanks


Walking is very testing with my young springer spaniel, so I think this would be ideal, and make walking more controlled. Size 3 in red.


My dog get excited very easily and always pulls on his lead. I think this is a very good idea to stop them hurting themselves. A size 2 in black would be ideal.


Bob, my new Labrador X is an 18 month old rescue doggy. He is settling in well, but it will take some time until he feels fully confident and secure. A Halti Headcollar would help considerably in establishing and keeping control when walking him. He is so full of energy and excitement that he can be quite exasperating, I think that the Halti Headcollar would be really helpful in establishing a bond between owner and dog. If we are selected, size 3 in red would be very nice.


I have a border collie that I have tried to stop pulling, he will pull so hard his body is flat to the floor and he has hurt my back and now find it impossible to walk him, he is only 10 months he really need some help.


Bess, my black labrador, is one year old, full of energy and very strong. She gets very excited when we go for a walk and I have a struggle holding her back. She had a halti when she was a pup and it helped a lot, but she has now grown out of it. Our walks would be more fun for both of us if she had a halti size 3 and the widest lead in red.


Leads are useful in a dogs home and are a must. There are some larger dogs in the home from time to time, many of which are not trained, therefore leads of this type will assist the staff and dogs there to have a decent and enjoyable walk.


my dog swiper is always pulling i am sure one of these would help


I’ve worn my present one out!


I have an Alaskan Malamute with a slight tendency to forget that I am actually attached to the other end of the lead! A Halti headcollar (size 3, black) would be ideal for helping me address this problem, having used them in the past with previous dogs.


I have 2 spginger spaniel puppies and using this halti would make my life a dream walking my 2 puppies!


I have used these in the past they are brilliant, would love one to donate to the dog’s home as they can do with all the accessories they can get to help with training. Size 4 or 5 would be most useful.

little jo

My dog is a staffordshire bull terrierand it gets excited very easily and always pulling on his lead. I think this is a very good idea to stop them from pulling A size 1 in black would be ideal.


I have just learned that my dog does not know how to walk unless he is pulling, yesterday with a halti head collar (size 2) and the double ended lead (large) I managed to help him start to walk without pulling, the collar and lead were borrowed so I would love him to have one of his own ( a black one would be fab) so we can continue the good work.


I have a 10 year old husky who over the past year has developed crippling arthritis.Being a typical husky he will pull till the day he sadly goes.As being breed for this job he never learn not to i have had to shorten his daily walks because he can hardly move the next day if he has a good pull the day before.I have heard the halti will reduce the amount he pulls.So i would like just to give him the best life he has in the time he has left.H e loves nothing more than to be outdoors and it is heart breaking having to shorten his time outside.Thyanks


Forgot to mention the size is a 3 and the colour im not really fussed about

Skye Walker

I have the cutest Northern Inuit, excitable but fantastic, gets easily distracted, I would like the Halti to help control his focus, as he is in that very influential age, it would be great to start him off with some good habits. (Size 3 Black).


as you know huskies like to walk fast or pull! i would like to be able to walk my husky without my husband being with me! a large size would be great, any colour


Medium and black


I would like to win a small size halti to help tain my aggressive dog Rome, to walk good on a leash, to help him from pulling lunging n bearking while walking..


I would love to have this product.

Crystal Nolte

I have a beautiful Lil baby they deserves some new stuff

Leigh Greenhalgh

great for my collie dog

Johnathon dillman

I’d like to try this collar my dog has a serious pulling problem

Nicole Harrop

i would really benefit from this as my dog has recently become dog and people reactive. i feel like this will help me with the control of her and being able to carry on our training. Money is tight like wit ost people so affording these accessories is difficult. thanks. halti headcollar size 1 in red and the L lead

Caralyn Davis
blessing knighten

my name is blessing Knighten and my email is blessing.knighten@gmail.com and id like to win because I don’t have money for a dog trainer… or money in general and I need gear to help with my dog’s dog aggression so I can train him and he doesn’t have to be put down.

Sandra mckean

I have a chihuahua and a collie lab and they both go through leads like mad

Toni Volpe Tammaro

Have 2 male GSDs & halters are great!!! Getting a third, a female & I need another halter (large, red!!!)

Dena greer Castaways Hooves & Hounds

Having bloodhounds you need something that helps to keep them from pulling your arms out! Haltiheadcollars also help in training young bloodhounds so hopefully they don’t learn to drag their handler. We would love to have some of these in all sizes !!


We need more training done he loves gifts 🙂

Pet's Age

I need the Halti to control better the dog on walk, is a Husky and one Halti number 3 would be very good for us.

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Michelle Conway

My boy is 10 mths and loves walks but he pulls too much on harness and with previous experience with a head collar means we can have a lovely walk he would need a size 4 black

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Charlotte powell

Yes please my dog would look nice in this coller he needs a new one aswell 🙏❤️

Staffordshire bullterer
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