Hearts, Minds & Paws – 5 to Give Away

In this insightful and richly illustrated account Nina Bondarenko has provided us with a fascinating, informativeand moving account of the dog, not only as friend and pet, but as a working companion – skillful, perceptive and highly intelligent in the everincreasing and diverse roles dogs perform in our everyday lives and work.


This lavishly illustrated book, with a Foreword by His Royal Highness The Duke of Gloucester, will both inform and move us, on the extraordinary powers of the working dog.

The 11 chapters of the book include myriad stories about dogs, their achievements and the ways in which they have literally transformed the lives of individuals. But there are also insightful accounts on tips and techniques for selecting a breed and knowing about and caring for dogs, in this glossy coffee table edition.25% from the sale of this book will be donated to the work of Canine Partners’ (registered charity 803680).

We’ve got 5 to give away

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please enter me for this one, i work within rescue and would enjoy reading this


I am studying canine behaviour and psychology, this would be really useful!
Thanks, Mel


please enter me for this as Iwork with disabled children & would be inerested in learning about how dogs my help them.


I would love a new bed for my little mutt!
He is chewing up his old one!

Julie Hasler

Please enter me for this giveaway I really admire Nina’s work and this would give me a great insight into help and companionship that they give us all.


i would like to get this book because i am training my own service dog to help me and am interested in all dog books


This would be a very interesting book- I have met Nina in the past (she judged my ‘singing’ hound.) I think the work she has done for Canine Partners has been amazing, wish I could achieve half as much with my own 2 dogs. We still train even after Good Citizen Gold!


she has done wonders for canine partners for independance and i am sure i can learn a lot from her


I really need to understand my 4 dogs any advice that could help me would be fantastic with 3 pups and an 8yr old female its very hard work.


this book sounds like a good read.. as an owner of 3 dogs i would find it interesting..


Please enter me for this book- iam training with Nina at the moment on her alert dog trials for diabetes and would help to clarify alot of her teachings


Hi I would love this book for my rescues.


I work with stray dogs and this book would be a brilliant read for me and all those I work with. Thanks


Please enter me for this book, I work with stray dogs and would enjoy reading this book.